Drawing Winners announced – March 30, 2016

Dear Volunteers,

As promised, today is the day!!  A few weeks ago as most of you know, we conducted a survey of any and all volunteers we could find, past, present and future. We also threw in a little incentive of a drawing, for four $25 gift cards.

Before I reveal the drawing winners I want all of you to know, you are all winners!  Because of you, many abandoned cats would be without care and the love that every animal deserves. You all make it possible, from intake through adoption, and all the steps in between.

Drum roll please!

Here are the four $25 Amazon gift card winners. I will contact you via email with instructions on how to redeem your prizes. Congratulations and thank you for taking the survey.

  • Jasmine Prevost
  • Ronelle Kuhnhenn
  • Marianne DeLuna
  • Trudy Lyne

Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win. In fact, tune in Thursday.  We have a super-secret secondary unpublished drawing for unnamed prizes.

Rob McIntosh, Interim Volunteer Coordinator


Super-secret Secondary Unpublished Drawing


OK so here’s what I talked about on Tuesday.  Our super-secret secondary unpublished drawing for previously unnamed prizes.

We decided that after such an overwhelming response to the volunteer survey that 4 winners out of 129 respondents just wasn’t enough.  So… we are going to award an additional 12 randomly chosen participants to a cup of coffee, or a latte, or banana bread or a muffin or whatever the heck you choose.

Here are the super-secret secondary unpublished drawing winners for previously unnamed prizes.

  • Lucinda Henderson
  • Margo Fulton
  • Debbie Rauch
  • Leslie Earl
  • Christina Drumm
  • Kimbala Bender
  • Emily Hommerding
  • CeCe Cullmer
  • Darcy Belshaw
  • Tina Ferkey
  • Roxanne Jensen
  • Melissa Pletcher

You will each receive a $10 Starbucks card via email.  A small token with a lot of appreciation behind it.

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Robert McIntosh, Interim Volunteer Coordinator

March, 2016 – Volunteer of the Month – Beth Swanson

Beth Swanson

Beth was one of the early caretakers in the WCDC world. Not a founder, but a true caretaker: managing the Petsmart cattery and making sure cages stayed clean, cats and kittens were fed and loved, foster parents were reassured when leaving their kitties at the adoption centers.

From there, Beth took on additional responsibilities without hesitation. Even after she relocated to another state, she continued as expert matchmaker between potential adopters and any variety of kittens and cats awaiting their forever families. She manages medical appointments, Petfinder posts, adoption updates, and more. She has made it look effortless as she juggles a wide range of tasks. In our all-volunteer organization, Beth is truly one of the keys to keeping it all running smoothly.

January, 2016 – Volunteer of the Month – Tina Ferkey and Family

January 2016 – Volunteers of the month – Tina Ferkey and her family

Tina & Family

Tina Ferkey and her family are the first family we’ve had that have volunteered to take on 10 ringworm kittens and cats at a time and stay the course on their treatment regimen – oral meds, lovely stinky lime-sulfur dips, litter box cleaning, extensive room cleaning, and fearless cuddling and socializing.  Because of Tina and her family, many kittens with ringworm got their chance to be healthy and find their forever home.

In addition to her volunteer work with WCDC, Tina has undertaken a large and ongoing TNR project in her neighborhood – trapping, arranging spay/neuter surgeries, recovery and returning feral kitties to their colony, and rescuing kittens that can be socialized and adopted.

Tina Teeth

Tina is making a difference in the lives of many, many cats and kittens, as well as in the humans who know her and are grateful for her presence in their lives. Thank you Tina, and thanks to your family!