Volunteer Positions

Our volunteers are the life of Cat Rescue & Adoption Network (CRAN)

Check to see if any of these positions interest you.


Foster Coordinator – Oversees the intake of cats from various sources. Works closely with the Adoption Facilitator, Foster Families, Medical, Marketing/Communications and Public Relations to place kittens/cats with appropriate foster families, assist in coordinating any needed treatment and ultimately prepare cats for adoption.

Foster Families – Provide a temporary home with tender loving care as a vital part of socialization necessary for successful adoptions. In return, CRAN provides food, litter and all medical expenses. Needs range from kittens through senior cats coming from a wide variety of sources (stray, hoarding, owner abandonment, feral, etc.) for time periods as short as a few days to several months.

Medical Manager – This crucial position is responsible for the health and well being of all CRAN cats. When a cat is sick, this volunteer records the information and determines the best course of action whether it’s something the Foster can do or whether it’s necessary to take the cat to the vet. The Medical Manager also helps give shots and medicines.

Medical Assistant – Tracks each cat’s medical history, notifies the Medical Manager when an animal needs vaccinations, flea meds or other medical attention. May also give shots and medicines and answer calls from Foster Families. This position requires good attention to detail and follow through.

Data Entry – There are several opportunities to help various departments with inputting data and keeping track of information.  An attention to detail and the ability to work independently are necessary.


Adoption Facilitator – Coordinates the flow of cats from Foster to and through adoption. Works hand in hand with Foster Coordinator and Adoption Counselors. Gathers bios on each cat from Foster to build cattery cage cards. Interviews prospective adopters and coordinates with them to find the best match between family and cat. Interfaces with variety of volunteers and the public explaining process and procedures.

Description Writer – Contacts fosters for description of cats including temperament, food preferences, physical description, personality highlights, age, breed type and any known history. This information is then used for online promotional postings on our website and elsewhere along with engaging photos.

Cattery Manager – Notifies Board regarding upcoming PetSmart adoption events, problems, inspections, changes in store policy, etc. Acts as point contact for PetSmart managers when they take an adoption or volunteer application, putting it in the proper folder in the cattery. Coordinates with Adoption Facilitator and Foster Coordinator regarding cats scheduled to come into the Catteries.  Makes sure all necessary paperwork (medical folders and cage cards) are complete for proper check in to the Cattery. Ensures Cattery is stocked with necessary supplies.

Cattery Laundry Guru – Responsible to retrieve/wash/return laundry from Petsmart catteries (north and south locations) on a weekly basis.

Intake coordinator – Ensures a custom adoption folder is prepared prior to each cat’s arrival at the adoption facilities to include complete medical records and other related paperwork. Facilitates check in with Foster, ensures clean condo and appropriate food is provided as well as accurate cage card with vital facts. Requires attention to detail and empathy as foster volunteers transition their charges after weeks/months of loving care.

Cleaner/Socializer – There are three locations that require volunteer cleaners/socializers as listed below. Training is provided by an experienced volunteer at each location. At all three sites the most important part is to play with the cats as this helps socialize them and readies them for their permanent home. Volunteers schedule their commitments via www.signupgenius.com.

  •  PetSmart North on Chad Drive north of Costco
    • Morning and evening volunteers are responsible to clean the cat condos daily. Shifts are minimum of two hours to completely clean each cat condo, change bedding if necessary, refill food/water and socialize (play, cuddle, love, brush, etc.) the cats. Sweeping the floor and occasional glass windows/door cleaning provide for a pleasant environment to show off our kitties.
  •  PetSmart South, 29th and Willamette
    • Similar procedure as above with specific site variations
  •  Petco, north of Valley River Center
    • Similar procedure as above with specific site variations

Cattery Adoption Counselor – Coordinates on-site adoptions at Petsmart North with a 2.5 hr. shift either Saturday or Sunday. Volunteers schedule their commitments via www.signupgenius.com. May occasionally be asked by the Adoption Facilitator to complete an adoption during another time of the week. When a person wants to adopt a cat, you are trained in the process of assessing if the cat and the person are a good fit and how to complete all related paperwork. Fosters make excellent counselors as it provides them with a direct link to placing their foster kittens/cats which is very rewarding and ‘closes the circle.”Adoptions at Petsmart South and Petco are managed by store personnel.

Adoption Follow-up – Retrieves “brag sheet” from Petsmart catteries twice monthly and either calls or emails adopters 3-6 months after adoption. Purpose is to provide another touch, gather testimonial for possible use on website, solicit further CRAN involvement/donation and thank them for supporting our rescue efforts and adopting a kitty in need.

Marketing/Communications/Public Relations

Photography –Varied duties which may include going to a Foster’s home to photograph the CRAN cat at their most comfortable, at fundraising and volunteer member events for inclusion in the organization’s online newsletter. For this position you provide your own camera.

Website Guruwww.CatRescues.org is frequently updated as new kitties come in or we have a fundraising event or other items we wish to highlight. Knowledge of Word Press is required.

Social Media – We have accounts on Twitter, Google+ and Instagram and seek to maintain a constant presence on all three site. We use Hootsuite for scheduling. Knowledge of successful social media strategies is helpful.

Public Relations – Getting the word out about CRAN events and news increases our visibility in the community, aids adoptions and fundraising efforts which help us achieve our overall mission. Duties include interfacing with community media (radio, TV, print, online), writing public service announcements (PSA) and distributing them to appropriate media outlets for best effect.

Marketing – To be successful in helping special needs rescue animals, we need to let people know who we are and what we do. This volunteer role works closely with the Public Relations Coordinator to issue a coordinated message. Working with others, you are responsible to create, print and distribute posters and brochures, as an example, among any number of other creative ideas you may have and want to implement.


Grant Coordinator – Researches grant opportunities and communicate with the Board on the possibility of applying for a particular grant. Along with others on the grant committee, you then write and submit the grant. Previous experience writing and submitting grants is helpful, but not required.

Fundraising Coordinator – Help create new opportunities for CRAN to raise funds. Coordinates all fundraising activity in conjunction with fundraising committee. Works with fundraising committee, establishes an annual calendar of events. Assigns individual events to fundraising committee members. Oversees all events.

Fundraising Committee Member – Works with the Fundraising Coordinator to manage different activities related to raising funds during the year. May be asked to be in charge of scheduling a small event such as at a pizza parlor, or you might be asked to help with a larger event. Creative fundraising ideas are always welcome.


Volunteer Scheduler – Using www.signupgenius.com, generates a monthly volunteer schedule for the two PetSmart Cattery adoption locations. Follows up to be sure all volunteer times are filled and contacts volunteers directly to fill upcoming gaps. Posts sign-in sheets at both PetSmart catteries, retrieves them at month end, and tabulates a summary report to be sent to Statistician.

Statistician – Receives report of individual volunteer hours at month end from Volunteer Scheduler, pulls from www.signupgenius.com and other sources and input hours into spreadsheet for monthly report back to Scheduler to present to CRAN board on a monthly basis.

Volunteer Coordinator – Visit Catteries (Petsmart North and South) on a bi-weekly basis to collect paper volunteer applications been submitted by the public to join CRAN . Respond to all phone calls relevant to Volunteers. Check website for completed volunteer applications. Contact each potential volunteer within 3 days via email or phone to determine area(s) of interest and commitment level. Forward information on each volunteer to appropriate person for training and next steps. Maintain the Master List of all volunteers on Dropbox. Use list to send out occasional emails to group soliciting volunteers for open positions or for other requested information. Develop and implement strategies to recruit and train volunteers. Lead volunteer orientation sessions. Timeliness and ability to track details and follow up is required.

Volunteer Trainer – Works with Volunteer Coordinator to schedule/train/support new volunteers in the roles of Cattery Socializer/Cleaner. Ability to work well with diverse personalities with attention to detail and genuine empathy/appreciation for both the cats and the volunteers’ time.


Petco Adoption Events occur once or twice a year. Volunteers are needed to staff the table and an Adoption Counselor should be present. Cleaning is done by Petco staff.

Petsmart Adoption Events – When CRAN is asked to be Lead Agency for an adoption event at PetSmart North or South, this volunteer contacts other participating agencies to determine their needs. Prepares and submits a budget to PetSmart for desired amount. Coordinates with the PR person for any advertising/press releases/flyers that may be needed. Determines how many cats to display in cooperation with Foster Coordinator and Adoption Facilitator.

Arrange for appropriate number of condos to be picked up from the storage unit. Determine how many volunteers will be needed for the 3-day adoption event. This includes extra cleaners as well as people to set up and tear down. Coordinate with Volunteer Coordinator to be sure we have sufficient volunteers as well as volunteer and foster applications and our promotional brochures.

Maintain at least a partial presence during each of the three days to ensure a smooth adoption event. Check with other groups to determine if their needs are being met. Follow up/recap event for lessons learned, successes reached and overall event evaluation.


All board members are also volunteers and currently include the President, Treasurer, Secretary and four Board Members. See bios and photos of these dedicated leaders on the Volunteer Board of Directors page.