Volunteer of the Month – Mar 2020

Nicki first joined CRAN in November 2017 when she began volunteering at “Gramster’s,” the familiar term for a minimalist building used to house kitties in our care being treated for ringworm. The small but dedicated volunteer crew takes extra precautions to treat, monitor and snuggle kittens and cats with this harmless skin fungus that was often a death sentence in mainstream shelters. She later became a foster and adopted two lucky kitties in the process as well! As a member of the medical team, Nicki schedules, coordinates and tracks spay/neuter appointments and assists with transportation and foster communication too. Most recently the family’s new auto business supports CRAN by sporting a donation jar on the reception counter. She also hosts a ‘cardboard cat’ promotional cut-out and, right now, she and her family are fostering a mama with kittens! Congratulations Nicki and thank you for your continued support of the CRAN mission.