Volunteer of the Month – June 2023

Congratulations to Sydney Brisco, CRAN’s June Volunteer of the Month!

Sydney has been volunteering with CRAN since February 2021. She has fostered litters of squiggly little kittens, and recently, has started volunteering as part of the CRAN adoption team!

From Sydney:

“I came to CRAN originally as an adopter. I adopted my kitty Ronin (Versace) from CRAN way back when the medical facility was somebody’s outdoor shed. He had to go through ringworm treatment but he’s been the sweetest cat we’ve ever had and we appreciate every moment CRAN gave us with him. Later, I started volunteering when somebody posted on the CRAN Facebook page that if CRAN didn’t take their cat, he was going to just let her out. So I told him I would come get the cat and accidentally became a CRAN foster. The rest is history.

My favorite part of volunteering with CRAN is getting cats to their best homes and best lives. I love the happy endings. I still get updates on some of my fosters and I love the adoption photos from my counselor work. To see a family that is so happy to have their new kitty and a kitty that knows it’s found a safe and loving home is something that can’t be matched by any other experience.”

The picture is me and our foster failure Anthracite–Annie now 🙂 She knew from the moment I brought her home that she wasn’t leaving. It just took us a little while to figure it out!”

Thank you Sydney for all your hard work to help CRAN and the cats!

Volunteer of the Month – April 2023

Congratulations to Ryan York, CRAN’s Volunteer of the Month for April.

Ryan has been a steady volunteer presence in the cattery at Petsmart North since the world started re-emerging from COVID shutdowns. He is a regular in the cattery, checking on the CRAN kitties, ensuring they have food, water and attention. Ryan also trains new cattery volunteers.

From Ryan:

What I enjoy:

I particularly enjoy the bittersweet moments when a cat goes home from our cattery – that mixture of sad farewell, relief that they found someone who cares, and excitement for their new life –  and the dawning disappointment that I have to deep clean a cage *wry grin* Deliciously conflicting feelings.

What brought me to CRAN:

Especially after COVID we ALL wanted OUT!!  Coupled with many years of stay-at-home parenting, and my partner’s mention of a cat rescue looking for volunteers, I was more than grateful for the opportunity to leave the house to PLAY WITH CATS!!”

From all of us, thank you so much for all you do for CRAN and the cats!

Volunteer of the Month – May 2023

Kat Swanson – Volunteer of the Month May 2023

Kat originally started volunteering for CRAN in 2017, on the medical crew, as a data entry volunteer, and as a cat behavior consultant. In the past year or so, she has taken on fostering and socializing some of CRAN’s shy or undersocialized kitties. Kat has a real heart for what a cat or kitten needs, providing kindness and empathy to her foster kitties. 

From Kat: “I started volunteering with West Coast Dog & Cat (now CRAN) as a cattery socializer at PetSmart North & Petco because I had been able to reduce my work schedule and wanted to give back to the community through my love of cats. I’m not sure if that was before 2017, but it might have been. Later I did medical data entry for a hot second (it wasn’t for me), and offered cat behavior consulting support as part of my internship for my Advanced Feline Training & Behavior Specialist certification through Animal Behavior Institute.

I took a break from volunteering during the pandemic, but started fostering in March of 2022 and it had been the right fit; I have a special affinity with shy cats that need more immersive & specialized support, and fostering allows me to use my skills and education in a way where the cat gets the best possible care I can provide. 16 cats have come through our house so far, and it is extremely rewarding (albeit difficult), and a few of them have been longer term guests (6-8 months) who just needed a bit more time.

I love volunteering with CRAN because I feel well supported in my role as a foster of shy cats. I really appreciate that they really listen to me on what I think is best for the cat, and I am often asked to speak with potential adopters for my fosters because I know the cats best and can help suss out a good match.

We adopted our cat, Jadzia (née Olga) from CRAN and were impressed with their focus on matching the right cat with the right family, and I’m happy that hasn’t changed!”

From all of us, thank you so much for all you do for our CRAN kitties, and for being a terrific human being!

Volunteer of the Month – March 2023

Sonya Carlson

Sonya and her family have been CRAN foster parents since the beginning of 2020. They have fostered skittery kittens, sick kittens, and bouncy kittens. When asked what brought her and her family to CRAN, “We were looking to adopt two kitties, when a former foster parent recommended fostering with CRAN first to make sure the kitties were a good fit for our house and kiddo. We initially thought we would just foster until we adopted two kitties, but we loved helping them so much that we kept fostering after we adopted our two and now have three of our own. We have welcomed over 30 fosters into our home over the past three years.” When asked what she enjoys the most, “I enjoy socializing the shy and spicy kitties the most. It can take awhile to win over their affection, but once we do, they typically turn into the biggest cuddle bugs. It is rewarding to see them transform and learn that humans can give them love and affection. Caring for the fur babies is definitely a team effort in our house with all chipping in to take care of our furry guests. Their antics and unique personalities have brought so much joy, silliness and love into our home.”

A huge thank you to Sonya and her family for all they do to for CRAN and the cats!

Volunteer of the Month – February 2023

Edward Arnold has been selected as the February 2023 CRAN Volunteer of the Month!

Edward joined CRAN in April 2021 as a cat care volunteer at TLC. Since that time, he also became a foster parent to CRAN kitties, and then a CRAN adopter. Edward has continued volunteering at TLC, never missing a shift, and provides care and plenty of love for the kitties currently at TLC

From Edward: “Caring for the kitties at TLC is my favorite part of the week. Some of the critters are real characters, and have me rolling on the floor laughing at their antics.  I had five kittens climbing up my pant leg at once, last time I was in the ringworm room!  I love it when I can make a real emotional connection with our fuzzies.

My previous cat was with me for fourteen years, and I was devastated when I lost him to cancer in August of 2020.  My sister suggested volunteering at CRAN, as a way to get my critter fix.  Now, I am a pet parent to Spanky and Luna (pictured in the post).  It is amazing to me that our rescues also rescue us.”

From all of us, thank you so much for all you do for our CRAN kitties, and for being a terrific human being Edward!

Volunteer of the Month – January 2023

Join us in thanking our amazing Volunteer of the Month for January, Sarah Olson.

Sarah joined CRAN in October 2021 as a cat care volunteer at TLC.

Since that time, she has also became a foster parent to CRAN kitties, and then stepped into the role of TLC Coordinator, which she continued throughout 2022 and into the beginning of 2023.

When asked what she liked about volunteering and why she started, Sarah responded “My favorite thing about working at CRAN is meeting cats that I would never meet otherwise. I started volunteering at CRAN when my husband said I could not get any more cats, and I thought it would be a great way to spend time with more.”

Thank you for all you do for CRAN and to help cats Sarah!

Volunteer of the Month – December 2022

Congratulations to Patti Hansen, our December 2022 Volunteer of the Month!

Patti started volunteering initially doing medical record data entry and then as a cat socializer at Petsmart in 2021. This evolved into taking on the responsibilities of CRAN Cattery Manager at the South Petsmart cattery. Not only is Patti a cattery volunteer and cattery manager, she also finalizes adoption and continues diligently working in the background, helping with CRAN kitty medical records. Patti started volunteering after she retired “I retired at the end of June, 2021 and I knew I wanted to do volunteer work. I have been a passionate cat lover all my life so I did some searching on the Internet for cat organizations and found CRAN. The rest, as they say, is history.” When asked what she most enjoys about her volunteering, Patti replied “Well of course my love of kitties is what initially brought me to CRAN, but I also love that I have met so many wonderful people – other CRAN volunteers, adopters, fosters, PetSmart staff, visitors to the cattery. And I especially appreciate our socializing volunteer team at the PetSmart in south Eugene – they are AWESOME!”

Patti is a dedicated, multitasking volunteer with a love for animals, and a great love and compassion for our CRAN kittens and cats. Thank you for all you do for the cats Patti!

Volunteers of the Month – November 2022

CRAN’s November volunteers of the month are Eva LeMar, Andrew Fridlund and Nathaniel Fridlund!

Eva, Andrew and Nathaniel adopted 2 kitties from CRAN in 2019. They started volunteering in the spring of 2020, first as fosters, followed by a wide variety of responsibilities! They have fostered, volunteered in the Petsmart catteries, helped with medical records, assisted with garage sale set up and clean up, transported supplies and/or foster cats, and in many other ways. Eva said they started volunteering with CRAN because they love cats, and wanted to help.

Thank you, Eva, Andrew and Nathaniel, for helping to care for the CRAN kitties, and support the rescue-care-adoption process!

Volunteer of the Month October 2022

Congratulations to October’s Volunteer of the Month Elise L’Estrange!

Elise joined CRAN in October 2021 as a foster volunteer. Since that time, she has taken on the responsibilities of a medical volunteer, which includes basic exams of foster kitties, and vaccination boosters.

We asked Elise what brought her to CRAN and what she likes about volunteering “What I enjoy the most about volunteering for CRAN is the joy that being around and holding kittens brings me and being able to put my previous veterinary technology education and experience to use. I really do miss working in the veterinary field and this provides me a good outlet for that. I also love all the new friends I’ve made through CRAN. There truly are so many people pouring their hearts into this organization.

I first heard of CRAN on the local lost & found and missing pet groups on FaceBook. People were constantly telling others to reach out to CRAN or to a couple other rescues regarding their lost cats. I had volunteered at Greenhill for a few weeks years ago, but my back issues made it difficult so I stopped. Around September 2021 I saw another comment recommending someone to reach out to CRAN and mentioned that medical volunteers were needed at that time. I was still in a “bluh” mental state from the pandemic and still getting used to going back to work after a year and a half of isolating at home, but I felt like this was something I had to do. So, I looked at the website, confirmed that volunteers with medical experience were sorely needed, and sent in a volunteer application. From my first time at the TLC facility I was impressed by how well the cats were treated and how passionate everybody was. In this kind of environment, it’s been easy to stick with it and give as much of my time to CRAN as I can.”

Thank you for all you do for CRAN Elise!

Volunteer of the Month – September 2022

Colleen Ramey

Colleen became a WCDC/CRAN Volunteer in 2017 , and has been a lifesaver, literally. Colleen initially started as a volunteer at our Petco Cattery but soon found her niche with bottle babies. Colleen is fearless and determined when it comes to saving the lives of the tiniest, most vulnerable kittens who come into rescue, some only a few days or a few hours old. She has brought knowledge and insight into treating the illnesses and special needs of these tiny babies. Colleen also helps with medical care of other foster kittens, offering advice and mentoring several fosters.

Thank you for helping CRAN’s most fragile kittens Colleen!