More Ways to Help

Here are a few convenient and “no-cost” actions you can take to assist us.

Amazon Smiles
Ordering from Amazon?  Use and designate Cat Rescue & Adoption Network as your charity of choice.  All orders processed through generate funds for us at no cost to you.

Fred Meyer Reward Card
Support Cat Rescue and Adoption Network when you shop at Fred Meyer with your Rewards Card. All you have to do is link your Rewards Card and use it when you shop at Fred Meyer. Don’t have a Rewards Card? Stop by the Customer Service desk at any Fred Meyer store and sign up; it’s free. Click on the link to link your card to WCDC.

Res Q Threads
Cat Rescue and Adoption Network has joined with Res Q Threads to bring you gifts for the animal lovers in your life. For every shirt you buy, we receive $10. It’s a win-win. You get a wonderful gift and we get funds to help our kitties. We now also carry Dapper Dog Coffee on the ResQthreads website. Ethically sourced and roasted to perfection in carbon neutral facilities, the coffee is jam-packed with flavor. $3.50 from every bag sold will be donated to Cat Rescue and Adoption Network.  Click here to buy Dapper Dog Coffee and donate to WCDC.

Did you know you can help earn money for our rescue efforts just by going for a walk? Download the iPad ResQwalk app and help us earn part of this week’s $1,000 donation pool. The app is also now available for Android.

Amazon Wish List
Cat Rescue and Adoption Network is always in need of supplies for the kitties. Here’s a list of some of the things we need all the time. Can you help us? The kitties – and all of us – really appreciate your help.

P.O.O.P (Protect Our Only Planet)
We’ve all got to deal with it if we have an animal that goes potty outside and here’s a way to help the environment and Cat Rescue and Adoption Network too! This flyer gives you all the information – and the code to use when you order. Click here to go directly to their website and order.

Charmed Hope
What could make a more charming gift than these dog or cat necklaces? For each charm sold, $5 is donated to Cat Rescue and Adoption Network. Just click on Charmed Hope to purchase.