Why Microchip?

1.  A microchip can help bring your pet home and prove ownership if your pet is lost. Shelters, Vet Clinics, Humane Societies and Rescues check for microchips. We advise all people who find a cat to have it checked for a microchip.
2. The American Humane Association estimates 1 in 3 pets will be lost or stolen at least once in their lifetime.
3. Why microchip an indoor only cat? Cats can be escape artists, someone could leave a door open, something could happen on the way to the vet or even worse there could be a disaster or burglary.

Why Microchip? Traveler’s Story

Last October a new cat was sighted by one of our volunteers, Julie, on a game cam in her barn. The cat would appear occasionally in the wee hours of the night and eat her barncat’s food. She continued to see him on the game cam footage for months. Then one night she was late going to the shed and he was there…and he meowed at her! With much coaxing, he went into a big carrier for some canned food and she caught him!

Julie took him in to be scanned by another one of our volunteers. Based on that information, another volunteer worked with one of our vet partners and found the owners. Turns out they only lived a couple of miles away. They had moved to their new residence in October and immediately let their cat out. He never came back. He had been missing fore almost 5 months and they were so sure he was dead, they didn’t pay attention to the emails from the microchip company.

It was a joyous reunion and our volunteers coached the family on how to help Traveler bond to his new yard and reconnect with his family.  They kept him in for a month and carefully introduced him to their new home so he wouldn’t get lost again.

More happy endings thanks to microchips:

      1. Mordecai was separated from his family as they fled the 2017 fires in North Bay, California. The orange tabby was found once again by a local rescue organization three years later, and the organization’s policy to scan every cat for a microchip finally brought Mordecai home.
      2. Des Moines, Iowa, cat Lottie was identified by his microchip and finally brought back to his family after four years away from them. He came home just in time for the holidays.
      3. “Christmas miracle” cat Benny was reunited with his family in December 2020 after going missing from his Rochester, New Hampshire, home seven years ago. A scan of his microchip identified him and brought him back where he belonged.
      4. Fluffy cat Art became lost in September 2019 after climbing out of a window of his Rochester, Minnesota house. More than a year later, he was identified when his microchip was scanned—and he’d roamed nearly an hour away from his home! He’s since been reunited with his family.
      5. After being wrongfully trapped and relocated away from his home on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, Merlin the cat was brought back into the arms of his family thanks to a scan of his microchip.
      6. Calico Patches was believed deceased along with her owner in the aftermath of a mudslide in Montecito, California, in 2018. But she lived, and was brought into an animal shelter three years later, where a scan of her microchip revealed her identity. Patches has since been reunited with her owner’s partner.

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