Volunteer of the Month – June 2023

Congratulations to Sydney Brisco, CRAN’s June Volunteer of the Month!

Sydney has been volunteering with CRAN since February 2021. She has fostered litters of squiggly little kittens, and recently, has started volunteering as part of the CRAN adoption team!

From Sydney:

“I came to CRAN originally as an adopter. I adopted my kitty Ronin (Versace) from CRAN way back when the medical facility was somebody’s outdoor shed. He had to go through ringworm treatment but he’s been the sweetest cat we’ve ever had and we appreciate every moment CRAN gave us with him. Later, I started volunteering when somebody posted on the CRAN Facebook page that if CRAN didn’t take their cat, he was going to just let her out. So I told him I would come get the cat and accidentally became a CRAN foster. The rest is history.

My favorite part of volunteering with CRAN is getting cats to their best homes and best lives. I love the happy endings. I still get updates on some of my fosters and I love the adoption photos from my counselor work. To see a family that is so happy to have their new kitty and a kitty that knows it’s found a safe and loving home is something that can’t be matched by any other experience.”

The picture is me and our foster failure Anthracite–Annie now 🙂 She knew from the moment I brought her home that she wasn’t leaving. It just took us a little while to figure it out!”

Thank you Sydney for all your hard work to help CRAN and the cats!

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