Volunteer of the Month – November 2017

Sharil Stinson, our volunteer of the month for November 2017, came to our cat rescue group when she trapped two kittens in December 2015. She named these gorgeous black kitties Leo and Simba due to the unusual “manes” around their necks like lions. She worked with fellow CRAN volunteer Louanne Koch (and continuing board president for 2018) to get them neutered and ultimately adopted (together!). Sharil and her husband, Dan, have fostered many kittens and cats since then with great success. Last Fall she stepped up to fill a vital job creating the Feline Medical Record documents for each cat which becomes part of their adoption folder. Attention to detail is a necessary skill which Sharil handles with ease and her turnaround time will make your head spin! She pitches in whenever possible and even brought a rolling cat condo to the January 2018 adoption weekend which was admired by all. Thank you Sharil for your can-do approach which is such a vital part of our ongoing cat rescue success.