Volunteer of the Month / Aug-2018

Ronelle has consistently volunteered as a tried-and-true adoption counselor with CRAN at least twice monthly since February 2016. This role is vital to the successful transition of our rescue kitties into their new homes and can be a stressful process. Our adoption team reviews each application, which often includes the foster, to get just the right fit. Ronelle says “I volunteer with CRAN because I’m inspired by those that dedicate their lives to the cause. I love thinking of all the lives that have been saved and made better by the work this group does. -Not just the cats, the people too!”

Ronelle is very thorough in the application review conversation, careful not to make it an interrogation yet aware that our decision is the last step for the cat to begin a new life of health and happiness. We missed her talent for a short while last winter as she and her husband welcomed their first child, and she works full time too! She volunteers at our partner location inside PetSmart North, 2847 Chad Drive in Eugene. Thank you, Ronelle!