Report Animal Cruelty

Leaving cats/kittens outside to “fend for themselves”  constitutes  neglect and the little ones rely on folks like YOU to speak up them!  If you witness  an animal being abused, call for help! Be the voice for the voiceless!!

West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue assists southern Willamette Valley residents in identifying and reporting cases of animal cruelty. Cat Rescue & Adoption Network has no legal authority to intervene on behalf of abused and neglected animals, but we can provide resources and support to citizens. The following information is intended to aid you in your ability to take initiative to address animal abuse.

If you witness or suspect animal cruelty, you should contact animal control immediately.

For injured animals, those with attacks in progress, or dog bites with the animal still at large, please call one of the following appropriate numbers.

Extreme Emergencies:

Eugene Police Department –        541-682-5121
Springfield Police Department – 541-726-3714
Lane County Sheriff’s Office –    541-682-4141

For non-extreme cruelty emergencies or to report neglect or lost and found animals, please contact the appropriate number below:

Non-Extreme Emergencies:

Lane County Animal Services – 541-682-3645
Springfield Animal Control – 541-726-3634

What to Look For in Non-Extreme Cases of Abuse

Physical Observations

  • Does the animal have access to food, water and shelter?
  • Is his/her area clean?
  • Does the animal have apparent injuries that have not been treated?
  • Does the animal appear to be overly aggressive or timid?
  • Does the animal appear to be neglected? (Neglect is vaguely defined as failure to provide an animal with necessary food, water, shelter, rest, sanitation, ventilation, space, or medical attention.)


Documenting the incident with photographs and/or video can be very helpful in prosecution. If such cruelty is not witnessed directly, but is suspected, animal control authorities should be notified. Reports of animal cruelty should be as detailed as possible. Dates, times and circumstances should be noted and related to animal control authorities, who should also be made aware of any physical evidence (photos, video, etc.).

Reporting Cruelty

A person reporting animal cruelty should ask for the name of the animal control officer and ask what action is planned. Follow up, and report any change observed in the animal’s condition and situation. A person reporting animal cruelty need not be concerned with confidentiality.  An investigating officer is not likely to identify the source of the complaint.

Together, we can make a difference for animals in need! Thank you for your support.