Happy Tale – Ray Charles

Ray Charles came into our program with several health issues including untreated herpes which caused near blindness, hair loss, and malnutrition. Below are two photos of Ray, the first when he arrived at CRAN only 4 months ago and now. The best part of the story – after taking such great care of him, his foster decided to adopt him & make sure he had the perfect permanent home. From his foster:

“When Ray Charles came into my care, he was underweight and malnourished. Due to being underfed, he was unable to grow much hair on his body. His furry head with long, white whiskers looked ginormous compared to the rest of his body. His tail looked disproportionately long and had a big, dark fluff of hair at the end. He had scabs and his thin skin easily cut open if he scratched himself. It took weeks for Ray Charles to regulate his eating pattern. He wasn’t used to having a whole bowl of food to himself, and at times he would often gorge himself to the point where he threw up. It took weeks to figure out what he liked to eat, and in what proportions. It turns out, that Ray Charles is a picky eater. He likes a variety of dried food, but only two brands of tuna.

Ray Charles was so happy to be cared for. He threw himself belly up at my feet over and over again until I would pick him up or pet him. He is such a loving and lovable cat. He likes to follow me almost everywhere I go. He wakes me up in the morning at just the right time.”

When Ray Charles first came into our program
Ray Charles now