Happy Tail

Maisie (formerly Joy) was brought into a local emergency veterinarian hospital with a severe leg fracture which would require an orthopedic specialist for a very complex surgery. They had called our local humane society and everyone else they could think of and we were her last hope. Of course we took her. Maisie had her surgery which included a plate and screws and recovered for 8 weeks in a crate at her foster home followed by several weeks of rehab to gain her strength back. Throughout her whole ordeal, Maisie was the most sweet, gentle and happy cat. Maisie was soon adopted and her foster continues to give updates. “She’s as sweet as ever and doing great 🙂 crazy that we’ve had her for over five years I’m so grateful to have her. 💗 I appreciate everything you and CRAN did for this sweet girl. I need her way more than she needs me.” This is the happy ending we want for every cat.

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