Happy Tail – Sam

We were contacted by a friend of CRAN. Her grandmother had died and the rest of the family thought euthanasia was the best option for an old cat with IBD (he was 16 intake December) but she didn’t agree. Could CRAN take him? At his assessment, the family member caring for Sam, told our volunteer that he spent the whole day (every day) hiding under the bed. She tried to get him out to prepare for our meeting, and only managed to break one of his claws. So at his first meeting Sam was an angry 18 lb ball of orange indignant cat, hiding under the bed, growling and swatting at our volunteer.
Our volunteer left his caregiver with instructions to win Sam’s trust and heart.
His caregiver came through for Sam. After about 10 days she sent a video clip with her touching him, brushing him, even carefully stroking him…and he was purring! So we made him a CRAN cat and put him into foster.
His medical records from his time with his owner said that he had IBD and he was supposed to be on a few different medications. First foster attempted to spoil Sam, but she had another cat, and it turned out Sam didn’t like other cats. Luckily, a second loving foster home opened up, and we moved Sam. The second foster home got Sam to eat and come out of his shell a bit, but also had foster kittens, and it turned out Sam didn’t like kittens. So, on to his third foster home, a college student with no other pets but a great love for cats. In this home, we figured out that (a) Sam hated his medications, and (b) possibly didn’t need them, and (c) started to learn that Sam liked to play with toys on a stick, and learned what he liked to eat. Third foster had to move at the end of a term, so Sam moved to foster home #4, and this is where he really, really blossomed, thanks to the groundwork done by his initial caregiver and the other fosters. Sam became pampered, loved to sleep in bed with his foster mom, watched the birds and all the sights outside of his window, and was gradually weaned off of all of his medications without any sign of a return of the IBD symptoms. With all of this love, it wasn’t too long until adopters found Sam. And it just so happens that the adopters have also volunteered for CRAN. Sam is now living his happily ever after life.

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