Giving Tuesday – Dec. 3

Holiday Greetings!

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We hope you have enjoyed the start of your holiday season!

Well, Giving Tuesday is right around the corner. Generous folks throughout the world are taking a day to think about the needs of others. At Cat Rescue & Adoption Network (CRAN) we are thinking of and thankful for all of you; and all the cats in our care. Many happy and healthy little furbabies, and those less fortunate with some type of affliction.

Forrest was just a few days old when he, his mom and sister were rescued from the streets. He became very ill and fought hard for his life. From vet visit to vet visit, antibiotic treatment to antibiotic treatment, medicated nebulizer treatments to steamy showers, sub-Q fluids and bottle feedings . . . all of this care leading, at last, to a healthy and thriving kitten. If left out on the streets, he would not have made it.

Thanks to the CRAN medical fund, we were able to pursue multiple vet visits and treatment so Forrest could thrive.

Forrest wasn’t responsible for his predicament

– we are. The suffering caused by neglect, abandonment and irresponsible care (not spaying or neutering) is devastating and . . . it’s not their fault. I could go on and on.

The point of all of this is that it costs money. CRAN will spend over $150,000 this year on medical care including spay/neuter, vaccines, testing, locator micro-chip implants and the huge variety of medical needs that come with the 580 cats and kittens we’ve rescued so far this year.

We hope to raise $35,000 before the end of the year and Giving Tuesday should gives us a boost.

Please give what you can by clicking on our website donation link;  or, mail your donation to CRAN – PO Box 72401 – Springfield, OR 97475.

Most importantly, tell your friends and family to participate by sharing links. Or create your own fundraiser for CRAN. Let’s help the kitties. Donate Now

Thank you all so much