Web Resources for Finding/Re-homing Pets

Below is a list of Facebook pages that can help you find a lost pet or re-home one.  We are providing this listing, but want to make everyone aware that there are people who will take animals and misuse them. Please screen any applicants carefully to be sure they are going to truly give it a loving home.

Please follow the individual page’s posting guidelines. Here are a list of things to include in your post.

  • Have a good photo of the animal.
  • Include a contact phone number and email.
  • Provide a thorough description as it will increase responses. Have they been fixed, vaccinated? Do they get along with kids, other cats, dogs? Do they like to play, are they lap cats, etc.
  • If they haven’t been fixed and vaccinated, it would be ideal if this can be done before they are adopted out. In Lane County Oregon, Willamette Animal Guild has the best prices for spay/neutering. An adoption fee (could be in the form of a donation to a rescue) should always be asked to help ensure a legitimate adopter (and not a dog fighter, lab, or flipper).

Below is a list of pages with short descriptions of the areas they specialize in.

General Help

Places to post animals needing homes

Post lost/found animals: