Volunteer of the Month – May 2022

Casey McNabb

Casey started volunteering as a CRAN foster in 2018. Since then, she has fostered a variety of kitties in a variety of situations: pregnant cats plus their tiny arrivals, kittens without mamas, scaredy cats needing extra loving attention, sick and delicate kitties. Through all the foster ups and downs, Casey has been a compassionate, reliable, caring foster for many CRAN kitties on their way to their forever home.

From Casey:

I came to CRAN because I wanted to help with kittens and mamas. My friend had been working with another cat rescuer and she referred me to CRAN. I had tried fostering puppies a few times for Wiggly Tails, but I’m really a cat girl. I am honored and so proud to be a CRAN foster mom.

Thank you Casey for all your work to help CRAN cats!