Volunteer of the Month – August 2022

Congratulations to Vanessa Naldrett, our August Volunteer of the Month!

Vanessa became a CRAN foster in April 2020, during the first part of the COVID pandemic. She has fostered kittens and cats of all varieties — young kittens, older cats, special needs kitties, and provided them with a safe, loving home while they are waiting for their forever home.
Additionally, Vanessa is one of CRAN’s behind-the-scenes volunteers, keeping entries up to date in Rescue Groups, so that potential adopters can meet and learn more about CRAN kitties.

From Vanessa: “Let’s see, what would I like to add… what brought me to CRAN was my love of and desire to help kitties in need. My cat, Mimi, was very sick at that time and I had been making the plans to put her down, and I think my heart couldn’t quite handle the transition, so I began to foster in the months before she crossed over. I have so far had one foster failure, Twilight Princess Zelda, otherwise known as Mama, who I adopted from CRAN after Mimi left me. I also am at TLC on Saturdays doing cleaning/cat care as well as a volunteer.”

Thank you for all you do Vanessa!