Volunteer of the Month – April 2023

Congratulations to Ryan York, CRAN’s Volunteer of the Month for April.

Ryan has been a steady volunteer presence in the cattery at Petsmart North since the world started re-emerging from COVID shutdowns. He is a regular in the cattery, checking on the CRAN kitties, ensuring they have food, water and attention. Ryan also trains new cattery volunteers.

From Ryan:

What I enjoy:

I particularly enjoy the bittersweet moments when a cat goes home from our cattery – that mixture of sad farewell, relief that they found someone who cares, and excitement for their new life –  and the dawning disappointment that I have to deep clean a cage *wry grin* Deliciously conflicting feelings.

What brought me to CRAN:

Especially after COVID we ALL wanted OUT!!  Coupled with many years of stay-at-home parenting, and my partner’s mention of a cat rescue looking for volunteers, I was more than grateful for the opportunity to leave the house to PLAY WITH CATS!!”

From all of us, thank you so much for all you do for CRAN and the cats!

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