Volunteer Board of Directors

Louanne Koch
My first cat was a “free” kitten from a farm in Creswell. Not free for long, with spay surgery, vaccinations, food and medical care through a long spoiled cat life. I started volunteering as a cat foster parent thinking “how difficult could this be?” (hahaha) and since 2010 have fostered somewhere between 400 – 500 cats and kittens. Short-term, long-term, old, young, scared, friendly, big, small, sick, healthy. Some have become foster “failures” and are forever members of our family. As a member of the Board of Directors for Cat Rescue & Adoption Network, I have the opportunity to help with the ongoing behind-the-scenes efforts that keep CRAN working. I have been privileged to get to know some wonderful kind-hearted and committed people through this group. Someday maybe, we will no longer have the need for animal rescue volunteer work. In the meantime, it’s one cat or kitten at a time, one step at a time; just like the starfish story, making a difference for this one and that one.

Lisa Lundquist
Board Member – Secretary
I first learned about CRAN when I wandered into the Petsmart cattery on Chad Drive in August of 2017. The volunteer at the time recruited me to clean cages and socialize kittens. As a lifelong cat lover, I jumped right in. From there, I became an adoption counselor and then transitioned to the medical team, treating ringworm and socializing feral cats. I am now helping treat ringworm cases in our new medical facility—this is something I am passionate about because ringworm should not be a death sentence, it’s a treatable fungus. I also foster feral nursing Mamas and their litters. I look forward to serving on the board of directors and continuing to support this amazing group of volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to helping cats and kittens in need.

Marci Seghetti
Board Member

Nicki Griffen
Board Member

Tammy Goss – Treasurer
Board Member