I Found an Animal

Thank you so much for helping the cat you found. It is important to think “lost” before assuming the cat is abandoned. Outdoor cats can wander great distances. They are opportunists and may eat at several houses. There is every possibility the cat coming to your house lives in your neighborhood. Cats can often get displaced. They inadvertently hitch a ride in a vehicle or an angry neighbor traps and relocates them to a new neighborhood. It is important to look for the cat’s home before finding it a new one.

*If the cat is seriously ill or injured take the cat to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital on Q Street in Springfield. You can surrender the cat under the Good Samaritan Program. Call first to see if your location is covered. 541-746-0112.

*If a cat is injured or ill but it is not critical, contact Greenhill Humane Society. 541-689-1503

File a found cat report at Greenhill Humane Society

*Bring the cat to the Greenhill Humane Society  *Only if you are in Eugene or unincorporated Lane County. Call first. 541-689-1503

Tips for Looking for a cat’s home:

  • Take the cat into a Vet and have it scanned for a microchip.
  • Go door to door and check with all your neighbors in at least a 2-block radius. Include neighbors behind you.
  • Put a paper or breakaway or safety collar on the cat with a message to call and your phone number. This is a great way to find out if the cat is just a wandering outdoor cat.
  • File a found cat report at Greenhill Humane Society: http://green-hill.org/Lost_and_Found_Reports.html
  • Place a Found Cat ad in the Register-Guard ($5 for online ad, $25 for print and online – http://classifieds.registerguard.com/g/listingManager/selectProduct)
  • Place a Found Ad on Craig’s List in both the Lost and Found and Pets sections. http://eugene.craigslist.org
  • Check Craig’s List for lost cats. Check on both Lost and Found and Pets: http://eugene.craigslist.org
  • Post a Found Cat Flier in your neighborhood and adjacent neighborhoods. Here’s a Found Animal poster you can print out and use.
  • Call vets in the area and let them know about the found cat. Ask them if they can post a flier.
  • If you are in Eugene or unincorporated Lane County, you can bring the cat to Greenhill Humane Society. http://green-hill.org/cat_program.html
  • Post/Look for the cat on Facebook:
  • Greenhill- Lost and Found Pets
  • Lane County Animal Rescue Network
  • Pet Friends
  • NW Pet Lost and Found
  • Eugene Springfield Lost & Found pets
  • Lane County Mugshots – Lost and Found
  • Cat Rescue & Adoption Network (CRAN) Community
  • Lost & Found Pets of Lane County Oregon
  • Post the cat on:
  • PawBoost
  • Nextdoor