I Found an Animal

Notify Animal Shelters
The services offered by animal shelters and animal control facilities vary, but all can offer advice. Start by calling animal control and the shelter for the area where the animal was found. You may have to call the local sheriff or police department to find out which agency handles the area’s stray animals. Ask to file a report. Inquire about the agencies that cover your neighborhood, and ask for suggestions on how to proceed with your search for finding the animal’s home.

*If the cat is seriously ill or injured take the cat to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital on Q Street in Springfield. You can surrender the cat under the Good Samaritan Program. Call first to see if your location is covered. 541-746-0112.

File a found cat report at First Avenue Shelter

*Place a Found Cat ad in the Register-Guard
$5 for online ad, $25 for print and online.

*Bring the cat to the First Avenue Shelter
*Only if you are in Eugene or unincorporated Lane County.

Post Signs
Signs are very effective tools for finding lost animals. Make them bold, with key words in large type. A photo or drawing of the animal is a big help. Distribute them door-to-door in the neighborhood where the animal was lost and post them at major intersections and along main streets in the area. Many shelters have “Lost and Found” stations within their facilities where you can post a sign.
Here’s a Found Animal poster you can print out and use.

Use the Internet
Several websites provide information for lost and found companion animals:

Check for a Microchip
A microchip is about the size of a grain of uncooked rice. This is implanted under the animal’s skin. Information is encoded on the chip to identify the animal. Take all found animals to your local veterinarian or animal shelter to have them scanned. Often a collar can fall off or break. If an animal has a microchip, it will provide you with identifying information to find that animal’s guardian.