Dealing with Biting and Other Behavior Issues in Cats

Dealing with aggression in cats can be very frustrating and frightening. Unfortunately, as a foster-based rescue group, we do not have the resources to take in cats exhibiting aggressive behaviors towards people. When we have space, we can take cats that are aggressive towards other pets and attempt to find homes where they will be the only pet. However, we first ask that you try to work with your cat to resolve the problem. Almost always, the best place for your cat is with you.
We recommend you start with a wellness exam at a veterinarian to rule-out any physical issues. You can also discuss medications or supplements that might help your cat at that time. We have also found that Feliway can be very helpful when cats are stressed.
You might also want to seek help from an animal behaviorist or animal communicator. Here are two recommendations to get you started:
There are several animal behaviorists in our area. One that we work closely with is Elaine Slatore – 541.302.1753

An animal communicator can often shed light on what is causing the cat’s behavior. We often consult with Jai Jamison. She also works with flower essences that can be very effective with behavioral problems.
541. 654-0591

The following article by Ron Hines, DVM gives some excellent information on working with aggressive behavior. There is also a lot of good information on Jackson Galaxy’s site.