Volunteer of the Month – October 2021

Tom Heusel initially started by fostering along with his wife Rachele Raia but they immediately foster failed, and were reluctant to foster again. Rachele became an adoption counselor and Tom has become CRAN’s go-to volunteer for transport. When we need cats or kittens transported from a foster home to a medical appointment, a couple texts with Tom, and the transportation is all set. Tom has picked up and delivered kittens in the early morning hours, from foster to WAG, from foster to McKenzie, from foster to Lucky Paws, in all sorts of weather, and he is also usually available for afternoon pickups as well. When asked about volunteering, Tom’s response was:
“It’s nice to be able to contribute. Our foster families do incredible work 24 hours a day with multiple cats.  My early morning wake-ups for 6:50 a.m. appointments are easy and no inconvenience (many years of 6:45 am shifts in the OR.)
(Does this “Volunteer of the Month” come with a free cat?)”

Thank you Tom!

Volunteer of the Month – September 2021

Rachel, Louis, Ellie and Leah Nosce,are our September 2021 Volunteer(s) of the month. It’s a family affair for this caring group who have been fosters for CRAN since 2018. Are there kittens in need of socialization? Rachel and Louis and their daughters are up to the task. Is there a singleton kitten in need of a safe harbor? Just ask Rachel or Louis. Friendly kittens, scared kittens, sick kittens – the Nosce family nurtures them all, and prepares them for happy adoptions. Congratulations and Thank You for all you do!

Volunteer of the Month – August 2021

Congratulations to our August Volunteer of the Month – Gen Gallagher! Gen has been working as our social media assistant since August 2020 and is doing an awesome job. Gen’s job is a behind the scenes job that is critical to helping cats get adopted. Gen keeps track of available cats and kittens and writes short descriptions for posts on Social Media (both Facebook and Instagram). It requires a knowledge of the social media platforms as well as Buffer, our scheduling software. The job also requires updating our Social Media spreadsheet so we can track who has been promoted. Not only has Gen kept up with posting cats on all of our social media (often 3 or 4 posts a week), she came up with an idea to increase our followers on Instagram and put it into action. She made a gift basket and then had people on Instagram enter by following us, liking the post and tagging 2 friends. It was a success and we are getting close to 900 followers. There’s no stopping Gen as she is already planning the next promotion when we reach 900 followers. Thank you Gen!

Volunteer of the Month – July 2021

Please join me in congratulating our July Volunteer of the Month – Brook Schmidt. Brooke has been volunteering since July and is amazing. She works full-time but also finds time to help CRAN by keeping our Adoptable Cat Binders up to date. These binders are at both PetSmart locations and have been even more critical while we were unable to show our cats and kittens at adoption locations. Brooke keeps track of the flyers in the binders, new cats available for adoption and cats that are adopted. She creates flyers for the newly available cats and adds them to the binders and removes the cats that have been adopted. Brooke has kept these up to date and never missed an update. She has become very adept at using Rescue Groups and quickly became very independent in her role. Thank you Brooke!!

Volunteer of the Month – June 2021

Please join me in congratulating Teri Giustina as our June Volunteer of the Month! She has been building our adoption folders this year (about 10-20 folders a week) for Pending Adoptions and cats being promoted from foster homes! Teri is very organized and an excellent contributor! Thank you Teri!

Volunteer of the Month – May 2021

Congratulations to Tracy Lilley, our May Volunteer of the Month! Tracy is an extraordinary bio writer volunteer and is always enthusiastic! Another great contributor to our Cat Promotion Team. Thank you Tracy!

Volunteer of the Month – April 2021

Congratulations to Lisa Wolverton – our April Volunteer of the Month! Since 2015, Lisa has fostered many kitties for CRAN and is always willing to help when asked! Recently, Lisa began reaching out to our partner vets to make sure that we had the most recent medical records for our adoptable cats and kittens. She has greatly improved the process and ensured that there are no delays with the adoption paperwork. Thank you Lisa!

Volunteer of the Month – March 2021

Congratulations to Cindy Munyon on being selected as our March Volunteer of the Month. Cindy started volunteering as a foster, and since she started, has become the volunteer who keeps our craigslist cat listings up to date and has helped track down escaped kitties all over the community. Thank you Cindy!

Volunteer of the Month – February 2021

Congratulations to Phillip McKinney, DPM as our February volunteer of the month! Phillip is is a wonderful foster who has been supporting CRAN since at least 2009. Phil became a CRAN foster by accident. Back in 2009, one of his patients talked to him about what CRAN(then WCDC) did for cats, and Phil took on a litter of kittens. In fact, he foster-failed with his first litter, and then he continued to take a litter of kittens here, and an older,cat there. Over the past 12 years or so, Phil has fostered many, many WCDC and CRAN kitties, and he has found homes for many of them!

Thanks Phil!

Volunteer of the Month – January 2021

Emily C.

Emily has been a foster since 2018, is part of the surrender team and has recently started volunteering at TLC. She is great with cats and people and we are lucky to have her. Please join us in congratulating Emily!