Volunteer of the Month – February 2018

Do you have an emergency intake with nowhere to go? Call Marci!

Do you need a last-minute transport to get a cat to a vet appointment? Call Marci!

Do you need help with ringworm care? Call Mar — oh, you get the idea.

Marci Seghetti has been a volunteer for CRAN for some time now. She is one of the team of volunteers who are feeding, loving, and medically treating the many kittens in our ringworm treatment program. She has worked on fundraising projects, she is a member of the CRAN Board of Directors (and the secretary!), and she is always willing to add something more to her busy day, to help a cat in need.

Volunteer of the Month – Jan 2018

Susan Orr has (so far~) been a volunteer cattery cleaner, socializer, fundraising donor, adoption counselor and an adopter in her continuing commitment to Cat Rescue & Adoption Network (and WCDC before that) since Dec. 2007 – 11 years! Says Susan, “At that time I don’t think there was a WCDC website – the volunteer opportunity was posted on the Bush Animal Hospital website. I started volunteering because I missed being around cats and my tuxedo boy Fridge (named for the football player nicknamed Refrigerator Perry) had just gone over the Rainbow Bridge and it was some time before I was ready to adopt again.” Next to founding president Kate Tryhorn (see Aug 2016 entry), Susan is the longest standing volunteer in our group – wow! In January of 2017 she also took over the monthly task to coordinate and schedule the weekend adoption counselors at our partner PetSmart location on Chad Drive in Eugene. She’s comfortable in her vital role matchmaking between rescue cat and forever home on the weekend counselor shifts and often picks up vacancies when needed. She’s ever aware of the careful conversation needed for both the cat’s welfare and to find a loving home. Oh, and she works full time at the UO too!  Soft-spoken and steady, Susan is professional and dependable and oh so appreciated! Her photo shows her with her CRAN adoptee “Midnight Louie” who Susan says is “always grumpy.” Thank you Susan!

Big Thanks Bonus Program

The Big Thanks Bonus Program was a huge success, all because of you.

Thanks to your hard work and commitment, over 247,700 pets found forever homes during the Big Thanks Bonus Program, which launched September 1, 2017 and ended January 28, 2018, providing nearly $2.9 million of additional financial assistance to Adoption Partners.  CRAN received a $6,000 bonus for adopting over 500 cats and kittens during this period.

Volunteer of the Month – December 2017

Kim Konevich began volunteering and fostering for CRAN in August of 2017. In her own words, I’ll let her tell you her story . . . “I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization and cannot believe how I am continuously meeting thoughtful, kind, compassionate, and caring individuals. The world of rescue is messy and challenging but because I work with  an amazing group of people and kitties, I know that we as a group are doing good work. I have always believed in helping other humans, animals and the community. It is nice to find a group that shares my sentiment and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

I have to say however, my involvement with volunteering and cat rescue began a few years back. Finding a teeny kitten on our property was a very strange notion to me. I had no idea there was such a thing as “Kitten Season” and thought it was strange to find a solo cat. I began doing some research and realized it was not an uncommon discovery. The little lady who is known as Rio now stole our hearts and we have adopted a few others since. Because of Rio and the situation, I wanted to help. I realized the best way to do that was to get involved. It is helpful to have resources and people willing to help when certain situations arise and animals need attention and care. CRAN is a group that serves the cats and the community and I am honored to work with you.” Likewise Kim! Thank you and congratulations as CRAN’s volunteer of the month for December 2017.

Volunteer of the Month – November 2017

Sharil Stinson, our volunteer of the month for November 2017, came to our cat rescue group when she trapped two kittens in December 2015. She named these gorgeous black kitties Leo and Simba due to the unusual “manes” around their necks like lions. She worked with fellow CRAN volunteer Louanne Koch (and continuing board president for 2018) to get them neutered and ultimately adopted (together!). Sharil and her husband, Dan, have fostered many kittens and cats since then with great success. Last Fall she stepped up to fill a vital job creating the Feline Medical Record documents for each cat which becomes part of their adoption folder. Attention to detail is a necessary skill which Sharil handles with ease and her turnaround time will make your head spin! She pitches in whenever possible and even brought a rolling cat condo to the January 2018 adoption weekend which was admired by all. Thank you Sharil for your can-do approach which is such a vital part of our ongoing cat rescue success.

Fall Fundraiser

UPDATE – $12,000 campaign goal surpassed by 92%
Grand Total $23,018!

You all should be very proud of your generosity towards our cats and kittens.
We have saved many lives with this campaign and we are so happy.

Donate NOW!


Letter to the best friends, sponsors, and volunteers in the world

Check our Progress here

Dear Friends, Donors, Volunteers and Supporters

Cats, cats, cats! Adorable kittens, wise wonderful seniors, abandoned cats, young pregnant cats, sick cats, injured cats and healthy ones . . . all deserving cats that need your financial support today!

Your donation makes the work of our all-volunteer team possible. Your contributions have allowed us to rescue more than 600 cats in the greater Eugene/Springfield community this year to date, and will provide the fuel to keep us moving forward.

Because of you, this year so far, we were able to:

  • take in the five kittens and momma cat that local employees planned to poison
  • help the young woman whose unspayed female cat had grown into 20 cats and kittens and were overrunning the neighborhood
  • support the kind neighbor who rescued more than 20 kittens from his neighborhood
  • provide over $103,000 in medical fees to heal, vaccinate and sterilize our cats
  • find new homes for 383 deserving, rehabilitated, healthy cats

And our little volunteer group is growing too. In August we changed our name to better reflect who we are now and what we do. After 10 years of service “West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue (WCDC)” is now “Cat Rescue and Adoption Network (CRAN)” with a new website and logo!

And yet, we are still the same all-volunteer group, funded entirely by private donations form supporters like you (no government funding here), working tirelessly on behalf of the cats in our community and the people who care for them.

And now it’s the end of the year, time to close the books and pay our bills. It takes love to do the work we do and money to pay the medical bills and feed the hungry kitties we help. We need to raise $20,000 to meet our budget for 2017; this campaign is key to closing the budget gap.

Help us reach our $12,000 Year-End Campaign goal to save neglected and abandoned cats and find them permanent, loving homes. Please mail in your donation to PO Box 72401, Springfield, OR 97475 or go online to and click on “Donate” today.

With my sincere thanks on behalf of the cats,




Louanne Koch
Board President (and a volunteer too!)

Volunteer of the Month – October 2017

Stephen Parkinson began volunteering Sept. 25, 2016 as a cleaner/socializer in the cattery inside our partner location at PetSmart on Chad Drive. Since then he has volunteered consistently (and often!) in a variety of capacities both in the cattery, for special events and behind the scenes. We can always count on this cheerful guy to say “Sure, I can do that!” when action is needed. He often steps up for special projects in addition to being an adoption counselor, cleaner/socializer and foster. He builds and distributes the monthly SignUpGenius web-based cattery volunteer schedules for PetSmart North and Petco and this coming December he will co-coordinate Santa Pet Photos fundraiser. On the second Sunday of the month he attends the volunteer CRAN Board of Directors’ monthly meetings, and . . . he works full time! At home in Junction City, Stephen and his wife Liz provide a loving home to 17 rescue cats in preparation for their future plans to build and maintain a rescue group in Roseburg. Thank you Stephen for your good heart and great energy in support of Cat Rescue & Adoption Network.