Volunteer of the Month – September

Rika is the CRAN September volunteer of the month for good cause – she’s become so vital to our continuing success. A cat lover with plenty of cat knowledge and experience, she combines her technical background and skills with care and compassion. To name a few of her CRAN contributions, Rika developed an online questionnaire to make it easy for fosters to submit cat bios and a template for professional printed cat cage cards in our PetSmart partner locations. Most likely you’ve admired her beautiful cat photos – she’s collected striking images of more than 60 camera-shy CRAN felines. Rika’s photos often entice adoption applications the very first day they’re posted. She also co-manages the web-based program of cat listings, massages the master cat ID sheet, builds monthly online volunteer shift schedules; sorts, tracks and transfers cat information into various spreadsheets for specific projects; works with fosters to determine the flow of cats into the adoption centers; pours herself into soothing challenging foster cats, makes home visits for their placement and . . . she works full-time! Rika began volunteering in July 2018. Since then, her hard work and amazing results are truly a gift to our CRAN kitties Thank you Rika and congratulations!

Volunteer of the Month – August

Brittany Clark joined CRAN last August with a generous volunteer application to work with bottle baby kittens and we put her straight to work! Since that time, Brittany and her family have fostered more than 50 newborns, neonates and tiny vulnerable kittens – from just born to a few weeks old – giving them ’round the clock care, enabling them to grow, thrive, and find forever families. What a lifesaver – literally! It hasn’t always been easy, and tender hearts have suffered along the way with a chance at life. In addition to her foster work, she responded to a request for cattery volunteers in March and faithfully cleaned and cared for the cats at our PetSmart partner in North Eugene every other Sunday for the next six months. All this while working and raising an active family. Thank you Brittany, we are so pleased to have your support. Congratulations on being our August 2019 volunteer of the month.

Volunteer of the Month – July 2019

Kat Coyer has been rescuing and fostering kittens, cats, puppies, dogs . . . you name it since she was knee high to a squirrel! She pours herself into each little soul whether it be from injury, disease or accident of birth. With her passion for animal welfare, combined with her career as a certified veterinary technician at Cat Care, our all-volunteer cat rescue group is lucky to have her talents. In addition to fostering, Kat is a member of the medical team visiting other fosters, providing vaccinations and advice on best care. Most recently she raised a brother/sister pair of kittens who came to her at just one day old! That’s a lot of around-the-clock feedings! Their successful home placement this month gave us all peace. Thank you Kat.

Volunteer of the Month – April 2019

Patty Viltz

Patty first joined our rescue group by completing cattery volunteer training in March 2016 and worked evening and weekend shifts around her full-time job. She also fosters and trained new cattery volunteers at our PetSmart partner on Chad Drive in Eugene. In addition, she puts together all of the Adoption Folder starter kits which includes labeling and collating materials in a timely manner for use with each kitty we adopt – more than 500 each year! Patty is eager to help with special events and always has a smile. Thank you, Patty, for your talents and continued support of CRAN’s mission.


Spring Campaign Update


Drum Roll Please . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We are halfway to our goal of $30,000. Please help the kitties. Our budget is 85% for the Medical funds to spay/neuter, vaccinate, provide needed medical care and treatments.

Look at their faces. Is there anything cuter?

Let’s bring this campaign to a successful close.

Volunteer of the Month – March 2019

Meredith Branch

Since 2013, Meredith Branch has combined her love of raising guide dog puppies with her love of kittycats. Meredith can almost always take a litter of kittens, or a frightened new-mama cat and tiny babies. Meredith and her family take wonderful care of the littlest kittens, the scaredy-est, hissiest mamas, and provide them with love, kindness and excellent care. Nothing seems to rattle Meredith — when foster coordinator Louanne texts her and asks “I have a new intake, can you help?” she always finds a way.

Volunteer of the Month – February 2019

Ruth Bern

In just one year, Ruth’s abilities to get in, get it figured out and get it done in our cat rescue world has been enthralling to watch – what a thrill! Whether it’s caring for ringworm kittens, juggling a never-ending stream of needy fosters, assisting with trapping and intake, photographing for promotion, developing improved operational methods, soothing and cuddling (cats mostly but people too as needed!), and most recently as adoption counselor, we are one lucky volunteer group to have her with us. And all this on top of working full time with an active family as well.


Volunteer of the Month – Jan. 2019

Margo Fulton, our volunteer of the month for January 2019, has been a steady presence with our cat rescue group since at least October 2015. Since then, she has cared for, socialized and fostered a non-stop stream of kittens making their way from initial rescue, or being weaned from a feral mama cat, through the spay and neuter process, and into their forever homes.

Margo takes all kinds of kittens — sniffly and sneezy kittens, jumpy and scared kittens, confused and sad kittens, happy, lively, bouncy kittens. With the gentle and consistent care the kittens receive while in foster in her home, they are well-prepared for that next big step in their lives. “I am honored and thrilled to be a part of CRAN,” says Margo. “I have loved helping all of the sweet kittens I fostered over the years. It is gift to me and my family that we have had so many amazing kitties. Thanks CRAN for all that you do. It’s a pleasure helping you.”