Volunteer of the Month – Mar 2020

Nicki first joined CRAN in November 2017 when she began volunteering at “Gramster’s,” the familiar term for a minimalist building used to house kitties in our care being treated for ringworm. The small but dedicated volunteer crew takes extra precautions to treat, monitor and snuggle kittens and cats with this harmless skin fungus that was often a death sentence in mainstream shelters. She later became a foster and adopted two lucky kitties in the process as well! As a member of the medical team, Nicki schedules, coordinates and tracks spay/neuter appointments and assists with transportation and foster communication too. Most recently the family’s new auto business supports CRAN by sporting a donation jar on the reception counter. She also hosts a ‘cardboard cat’ promotional cut-out and, right now, she and her family are fostering a mama with kittens! Congratulations Nicki and thank you for your continued support of the CRAN mission.

Volunteer of the Month – Feb 2020

Dotty Dawson (February 2020)

Since August 2018, Dotty has been whirling in and around a variety of cat rescue roles for CRAN both big and small. She’s making a difference in the catteries at PetSmart North and South, has fostered a range of needy kitties as they healed to find their forever homes, socializes the kitties in our ringworm care location and also job shares the vital role of deciphering, recording and archiving veterinary medical records – wow! With her kind heart and gentle manner, she is a friend to every cat she meets. In addition to cuddling kitties, Dotty is partial to her grandkids as well as a catching a good game of TV football. We’re lucky to have her talents, time and commitment helping CRAN serve the needs of abandoned and neglected kitties in our community. Thank you Dotty

Volunteer of the Month – January 2020

Jean Harman

It was April 2018 when Jean first volunteered but it wasn’t until September after she helped staff a CRAN information table that she dedicated her considerable energies to broaden her support. Since then she’s fostered around 30 little ones, tackled the challenging role of adoption counselor and now co-leads the counselor team of ten. In November 2019 she jumped in at our PetSmart South cattery location to coordinate the volunteers and operations there while also continuing to foster, work weekends as an adoption counselor at both PetSmart South and North locations, attend fundraising and board meetings and is now working on a foster survey to recruit new volunteers. And since she’s retired from a diplomatic career that took her from DC all over the world and back, how lucky are we that Eugene is now home. Jean, your dedication is appreciated and admire – Thank You!

Fall Campaign – Progress Report

Progress as of 1/26/2020 – $37,740 or 107%. We did it! You did it! Thank you, thank you!

Your generosity will bring a lot of cats and kittens, health, safety and a happy forever home.
























November 2019 – Winter Greetings!

This year is shaping up as one of the busiest ever for our cat rescue volunteer group. We often think the need to rescue cats and kittens will somehow slow down. However, despite public education and spay/neuter efforts throughout our community, the need grows each year. As of Nov. 1, we’ve rescued 580 cats and placed 424 of them into forever homes. I get emotional just thinking about it! And so, by necessity, Cat Rescue & Adoption Network (CRAN) must also grow with this staggering need.

To that end, I come to you this holiday season with humility, asking that you once again open your hearts and give what you can for the cats and kittens in our care. Fill out the form on the back of this letter and send it in using the enclosed return envelope. (The kitties will thank you for it!)

So, what exactly does CRAN do? Here are just a couple stories, from literally hundreds, about our lucky CRAN cats and the extraordinary efforts of our volunteers and foster families, all made possible by your generosity.

Sweet Fantine is an adult beauty who came to CRAN when her caretaker died and left several cats in the house, including two females with two separate litters of kittens, and two other adults.

Fantine (at left) and her five babies were lovingly fostered until they were ready for adoption. Along the way, a severe heart murmur was discovered which made her spay surgery both complicated and expensive. Thanks to the wonderful care received from CRAN volunteers and our veterinary partners, Fantine is living a happy, contented life in her new, forever home.

Forrest (below) was just a few days old when he, his mom and sister were rescued from the streets. He became very ill and fought hard for his life. From vet visit to vet visit, antibiotic treat-ment to antibiotic treatment, medicated nebulizer treatments to steamy showers, sub-Q fluids and bottle feedings . . . all of this care leading, at last, to a healthy and thriving kitten. If left out on the streets, he would not have made it.

Thanks to the CRAN medical fund, we were able to pursue multiple vet visits and treatment so Forrest could thrive. He and his sister, Astoria, have since found their loving, forever home.


Fantine and Forrest aren’t responsible for their predicaments

– we are. The suffering caused by neglect, abandonment and irresponsible care (not spaying or neutering) is devastating and . . .it’s not their fault.

We couldn’t do any of this without you.

Our 2019 budget is $199,000 of which $140,000 (70%) goes directly for medical care.

As an all-volunteer non-profit, no-kill cat rescue group, we receive no public funding and have no paid staff. And look what we’re accomplishing!

65% ($135,000) of our income comes from donations and grants. 35% from Adoption fees. Yes, it’s a lot (tell me about it.) As you can see, the need is great, and your compassion is greater!

On another front:

CRAN TLC is almost a reality! Our new medical rehabilitation and ringworm treatment facility is coming together after nearly two years. Remember please, this is not a shelter facility per se – it’s a place where cats can be cared for and returned to health. It’s been a very long journey and it is happening! We’ll keep you informed as to when we will have the grand opening.

“What else can I do?” I’m glad you asked!
Here are some ideas to start:

  • Sign up for monthly giving – It’s easy, just go and click on Donate
  • Volunteer – We need about 300 people to meet the needs of all these little bundles of joy. We have 200+ now.
  • Foster – Since we are a “foster based” rescue group, we need your help with temporary homes.
  • Hold a Facebook fundraiser in lieu of birthday, holiday gift or just because.
  • Sign up for Amazon Smile and Fred Meyer rewards CRAN gets a small piece of each sale.
  • Think about donating that stock you’ve been holding for years without much success.
  • Be creative! Maybe you could make and sell birdhouses or blankets or have a bake sale or ?

Our CRAN kitties are worth it. Knowing you are helping to find homes for hundreds of cats and kittens every year will warm your heart on these foggy, winter days. Seeing the pictures of the kitties with their forever families is priceless. Join us!

Have a Happy and Joyous Holiday!

Volunteer of the Month – December

Kara Carvalho

Since February 2017, Kara has put her organizational and clerical skills to great use managing key behind-the-scenes logistics that keep our rescues going strong. Working alongside other volunteers, Kara works with biographies and photos to promote the cats for adoption on our website. She trained as a volunteer at our Petco partner, and even fostered until it was determined her daughter was allergic to indoor kitties. She’s worked with fellow volunteers to train them on tasks such as cage cards and data entry. In late summer Kara let us know she would resign from her CRAN volunteering effective in December as she and her family will welcome a second child soon. It is our pleasure to recognize nearly three years of commitment to the CRAN mission to provide care and find loving homes for abandoned and neglected cats in the Eugene/Springfield community with a focus on those with special needs – and she lives in Creswell! Congratulations and Thank you Kara.

Volunteer of the Month – November

Karrin Jackson

“Sure! I can do that!” is an easy response from this engaged volunteer who came to us September 2018 wanting to help our cat rescue efforts. Her many roles now with CRAN include weekend afternoon socializer at our PetSmart North Eugene location, job-sharing the integral work of deciphering veterinary medical records and recording them into the master ID sheet and archiving them to produce each cat’s adoption folder. In December she began training as an adoption counselor and confidently states “I have no problem saying no when it’s not in the best interest of the cat.” Her top priority is the safety and well-being of the cats at all times — what an advocate when their livelihood depends upon our best matchmaking skills to find a loving, forever home. Thank you Karrin and congratulations on being selected as the November 2019 Volunteer of the Month.

Volunteer of the Month – October

Magdalena Reilly

Magdalena joined our cat rescue group in July 2018 visiting the singleton cats placed at our Petco partner just north of Valley River Center within biking distance from her home. These are often Special Needs kitties that take a careful hand and heart to soothe. She quickly earned her 10-hour CRAN t-shirt just a month later and has been going strong ever since. She trained as an adoption counselor and, in October 2018, took on the vital job of transcribing veterinary medical records into the master ID sheet in a job share role. She has welcomed new volunteers to spend time with the Petco cats and also trained her replacement for the vet records job, documenting the process and improving the success of those to follow. Always willing to say whenever possible, we are so pleased to have Magdalena recognized as the October 2019 Volunteer of the Month.

Volunteer of the Month – September

Rika is the CRAN September volunteer of the month for good cause – she’s become so vital to our continuing success. A cat lover with plenty of cat knowledge and experience, she combines her technical background and skills with care and compassion. To name a few of her CRAN contributions, Rika developed an online questionnaire to make it easy for fosters to submit cat bios and a template for professional printed cat cage cards in our PetSmart partner locations. Most likely you’ve admired her beautiful cat photos – she’s collected striking images of more than 60 camera-shy CRAN felines. Rika’s photos often entice adoption applications the very first day they’re posted. She also co-manages the web-based program of cat listings, massages the master cat ID sheet, builds monthly online volunteer shift schedules; sorts, tracks and transfers cat information into various spreadsheets for specific projects; works with fosters to determine the flow of cats into the adoption centers; pours herself into soothing challenging foster cats, makes home visits for their placement and . . . she works full-time! Rika began volunteering in July 2018. Since then, her hard work and amazing results are truly a gift to our CRAN kitties Thank you Rika and congratulations!

Volunteer of the Month – August

Brittany Clark joined CRAN last August with a generous volunteer application to work with bottle baby kittens and we put her straight to work! Since that time, Brittany and her family have fostered more than 50 newborns, neonates and tiny vulnerable kittens – from just born to a few weeks old – giving them ’round the clock care, enabling them to grow, thrive, and find forever families. What a lifesaver – literally! It hasn’t always been easy, and tender hearts have suffered along the way with a chance at life. In addition to her foster work, she responded to a request for cattery volunteers in March and faithfully cleaned and cared for the cats at our PetSmart partner in North Eugene every other Sunday for the next six months. All this while working and raising an active family. Thank you Brittany, we are so pleased to have your support. Congratulations on being our August 2019 volunteer of the month.