WCDCR Foster Kitty PSA

Be a foster parent and in return for TLC for the cats and kittens you’ll get lots of purrs. West Coast pays all medical and food expenses. Fill out a Foster Application

Wish List Update

All we want is a few things for the our kitties.

  • KMR (Kitten Meal Replacement supplement
  • Advantage II, large dog size for flea treatment
  • Authority chicken kitten and adult food
  • ANY cat food, canned or dry
  • Cat toys, including laser lights (which they love)
  • Cat beds
  • Medical fund donations (this is a biggie)
  • Scoopable cat litter

You can make a monetary donation here.




Bowie is doing great! Just snoozing after a little light reading. ūüėČ


Mr. Skip (Skipper)

Skipper is doing wonderfully.  We usually refer to him as Mr. Skip or our little lion and sometimes our big lug.  We love him to pieces.  Best decision we ever made was to adopt him.  I have put a couple of posts on Facebook and also responded to a question about him from Catherine SQ.  It seems as though he stole the hearts of a few volunteers.  I just want to thank you and the other volunteers for caring for so many kitties. And Skip would like to thank you too!
Here’s a picture of him participating in his favorite pastime, using his favorite pillow (either my knee or Mike’s. )
Lisa & Mike

The Mighty Babushka

She is doing great!

Lilah Rose

Lilah Rose

We can tell that she was well taken care of by West Coast Dog & Cat Rescue.  She loves being around people and is incredibly friendly. She was obviously socialized very well.
She adores her big brother, a little too much for his taste sometimes :). But he’s gotten used to her. She keeps him on his toes and he’s getting more exercise these days.
Your organization does wonderful work. Thank you for providing her with medical care and a safe place to live before she made her way into our home. Please give our best to those who helped her.
Lisa, Tim, and Lilah Rose (cat)



Toby is doing great.   He is a big and active boy (17 lbs).   The climbing onto high places and destroying things in his path has been a problem but with lots of tin foil, cookie sheets and a new climbing tree we seem to have the destruction under control!  I think he was born to be an outdoor, tree climbing mini lion, but indoor life is his fate so whatever it takes to subdue the beast in him and still  keep us both happy.


Stetson is doing very well!  My wife and I really enjoy him and cannot be thankful enough.  He is very loving and quite accustomed to the new living arrangements.
Thank you for the opportunity to take him home,


Thank you for asking.  We have renamed the kitty from Emmy to Richochette.
She is doing extremely well.  Since then we did adopt another cat from Greenhill.  The two cats are best of friends.
She is very active and into everything.  She follows you around the house to see what you are doing, talking the entire time.
Thank you,

Kitty Purry

Taken just now. Was sitting on couch with cat gathering, lol! Little Miss (now Kitty Purry) is doing fantastic and now greets us in the morning in bed. She is my study buddy and sits on my lap while I’m working. Scout (now Ninja) is my center of joy and follows me everywhere and gets her paws in any project I work on.



We are enjoying her immensely. Here’s a picture of our son a day or two after we brought her home, and one from the last month or so. She’s happy and healthy and even likes to snuggle with the dog. She also likes my husband’s shoes. ūüôā¬†Thanks for all that you do!



She’s such a love. So glad I have her. She loves little boxes, paper sacks, her toys.. She’s really feeling at home. But will go hide if someone comes over.. Not a problem tho. Anyhow she’s got quite the personality! I’m so glad she’s here.

Owl (formerly Clare)


The last week or so has really been fun!¬† As far as I knew, she hadn’t been up on my bed, and I really wanted to encourage her to sleep w/ me.¬† So, I gave her breakfast on my bed last Monday (it wasn’t much to get her up on the bed to eat) and Monday afternoon, lo and behold, there she was on my bed!¬† Monday evening I also saw her on the mantel, so she is definitely feeling comfortable here.¬† To be sure, she still has her hidey holes in the closet (where she is as I write this), and in my old cabinet/work bench where she can really hide), but I’m not worried about that because most (if not all) evenings, she is so social.¬† She’s eating well: we’re on two meals a day, but she has never asked for food.¬† Given her history, I wonder if she will ever risk that.¬† We’ll see.

I finished a climbing pole for her, but it still needs a shelf:¬† some place for her to climb to.¬† I hope to get that finished in the next couple of days.¬† If she likes it, I’ll build a second one so that there is one in the living room and one in the bedroom.


Our little guy (who we renamed “Nelson”) is playful and sweet, and happy in our home. ¬†Our elderly cat “Purrl” was a little leery of him at first, but she has adjusted. ¬†They now lay near each other on the couch and on the table under the window.
Nelson sometimes follows Purrl around and copies what she’s doing. ¬†As he matures and stops pouncing on her tail, I am sure they will get along even better.
I learned about Nelson and adopted him (he was originally named “Tyler”) when I saw him at the PetSmart North cattery, where I volunteer as a socializer/cleaner on Tuesday. Jane K




Milo is doing great! We are enjoying him very much.I contacted Julie (Milos foster) and gave her an update awhile back.
And I made his own Facebook page which we will be adding photos to as we can.
Thanks for checking in, Michael.


Artemis is thriving well, she is hearty little eater. She is absolutely beautiful and has an amazing personality. We love her so much and we’re so happy that she’s a part if our family: )
Thank you,

Our two unrelated kitty boys are sweetly bonded and delights. They bring us so much joy and we feel fortunate to be able to provide them with a forever home.

We actually adopted two from you guys (my wife is likely listed as the contact for Athena), but they’re doing GREAT. They quickly found their “uncle” among our six others, who showed them the ropes and loves to play with both of them, and also have become playmates with one of our other indoor girls. The four of them are usually found either making mischief around the house or crashed out on our bed.

We love them very much, and they’re both happy and healthy!

Thanks for the follow up,



Hi Aven,

Hugo is doing well! My husband and I are actually long-term volunteers for WCDC. I’ve been with the organization since 2009. Hugo was our foster and we fell in love with him, so he’s a “failed foster.”

Thanks for checking in!



Quote:¬† “I volunteer with West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue (WCDC)¬†because giving back to my community is something I value tremendously.¬† Organizations like WCDC need volunteers to function.¬† Without our volunteers, WCDC would cease to exist and the cats in our community will not get the help they need.

When I moved to Eugene from across the country in the summer of 2012, I was unable to bring my cats (of 9 years) with me.  Thankfully, friends who regularly rescued dogs and cats welcomed Nala and Marley to their home.  I am certain they have been well-cared for and likely are happier with their adopted moms/community volunteers!  I am grateful every day for Denise and Sue.

When I was looking to get involved in the local community here, I chose WCDC specifically because of the mission, for my love of cats, and to pay it forward in honor of my dear friends who stepped up when I needed them.”

–Andi, WCDC Volunteer since May 2013



Clove is doing excellent, overcoming her fear and uncertainty more each day. She is still a very cautious lady cat with those she does not know, but has become Empress of the family and house much to my delight and devotion. The first month was an adjustment, where she spent most of the day under the bed, her true spirit slowly emerging as her desire for affection and love emerged.
Although in her bio it said she wasn’t much of a lover of toys or playing, she has blossomed in to a masterful snakie and mousie hunter, a determined catcher of the elusive red dot where she occasionally showcases her amazing acroCAT skills, and has revealed herself to being a true nip connoisseur. Clove is a chatty lady cat with typical tortitude who will not hesitate to let you know when she is not pleased with your service, which at times can be annoying, however; I admit I admire and enjoy that sass to remain annoyed too long!
Clove has brought back joy in my life since losing my special needs senior dilute tortie in January 2014, and I am grateful to West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue for all they do to save dogs and cats, especially those with special needs. These animals do not have it easy in shelters from being overlooked for adoption because of their needs to struggling to thrive in the shelter atmosphere due to the fact that most shelters simply do not have the space or staff to devote the time many of these animals need to prosper. By recovering and preparing for adoption in a foster home setting like WCDC uses, these wonderful fur kids are given all the time they need to adjust whether it be medically, physically, socially, behaviorally, or emotionally. Foster homes offer a quiet, homey atmosphere and the individual attention needed and I believe this helped Clove with her emotional and social special needs immensely and had she been placed in to a shelter setting she would not have done well, increasing her anxiety and fear which causes her to lash out. She was comfortable in her foster home setting but did not do as well during her time at the cattery. Once we got home and she was able to get used to her new surroundings, she became like a totally different cat than when I met herРher true spirit emerged and happiness blossomed. Her happiness is mine and for all who helped to sweep her from a scary life on the street and then cared for her until she was ready to find her forever home, I thank you.  Beth


I adopted Minnie (now Leah) a quaking little fluff ball from PetSmart South this time last year. She hid in a closet the entire first week but now she sleeps on the bed with beloved Lucia and me every night. She is a gentle sweet girl and I adore her. I might mention she is HUGE! Almost seventeen pounds at just over a year and thumps around the house like a baby elephant. She was obviously socialized with much love and patience. Thank you all for what you do! Colleen




I’m writing this to let anybody who thinks of adopting a (special needs) shy cat that it takes some work to have them come around. Let me tell you my experience. First off we have no clue what those little fur balls went through in the world. We do know many times how they were left out in the cold to fend for theirselves but we sure don’t know the whole story. Many could have come from a very abusive home, maybe they never had a home? So for us to expect them to just come into our home and be what we think they should act like (fun loving playful cat) might take a little time. Five plus months ago I got Buddy. He lived¬†behind the couch and under my bed for 4 days, now he lives on the back of the couch and on my bed. He sleeps with me at night and loves his time purring, kneading, and letting me pet him. Bonding time. Guess what I am saying is give those little guys time and don’t expect too much from them, just go with the flow and let them feel safe. Its way rewarding to see the turnaround once they know you are there to feed them, love them and most of all trust us. What a reward. I also asked myself “what if this is as good as it gets?” Well, you know what, he’s safe, warm and has food. He is a love and I would never give him up.
Thank you¬†West Coast¬†Cats and Dogs Rescue………..and most of all Lyllian, Buddy’s foster home.
Jan and Buddy


When we adopted Lucy last year, she was so shy that she stayed under the bed for around 2 weeks, only coming out to eat and play with Dougie who we had adopted with her. ¬†She would run from us. ¬†Slowly she stayed out, longer and longer. ¬†It took probably 6 or 8 months before I felt that she really adjusted. ¬† ¬†Now I know that she loves us. ¬†She never goes under the bed and only runs from Dougie when they are playing. ¬† Her favorite toy is a stick with a long narrow piece of fabric. ¬† ¬†Sometimes we let her catch it. ¬† She will take it a few feet away but brings it back if we won’t go to get it. ¬† She will sit in my lap for long periods. ¬†If I am reading, she will rub the book, trying to make me put it down so I can pet her. ¬†I can rub her tummy and pick her up. ¬† She is still a little skittish with loud noises but settles right down. ¬†One of the cutest things, last week, we were watching a PBS special on Penguins and their babies. ¬†She usually lays on my lap but she went over to the TV and sat and watched the program for a long time. ¬†When the babies jumped into the ocean, she came back and jumped up on my lap. ¬† Don’t know whether she wanted to play with them or chase them. ¬†It’s so rewarding to watch her become more and more calm and loving. ¬†They are both part of our family.

We all love Lucy and Dougie and are so glad we found them and you.  Thanks so much for keeping in touch.   Hope this helps. Lee’s very attached to the kitties and they to him.  Dougie and Lucy sleep with him sometimes.


Whoever raised him has to be a very special loving person.  Trigger (priorly named Titan) is the BEST cat we have ever known or had.
He is very smart and learns all kinds of tricks and also was easy to train to stay out or off areas he didn’t belong.¬† We think he is so smart my son wants to train him to use the toilet.¬† He is friendly and outgoing.¬† Grateful we found each other and look forward to multiple happy years together.
Thank you


Claire(Lilybelle) (2)

Claire bear is now LILYBEL; she is the cutest little kitty, eats like a horse, loves to play ball. I have 3 little real bouncy rubber balls that she loves to chase down. My hubby Ronnie just loves her, she hops in his chair with him and wants to play. She is a very loving little girl and gets a huge amount of kisses and cuddles back. We are very thrilled to have Lily, and she has settled in very well. We had looked all over the place that day for a kitty to take home and we are so glad we found her! Kelsie Mae




We recently received an email from Aven at West Coast Dog & Cat Rescue to ask how awesome kitten was doing. My husband and I adopted (Freckles) Cider towards the end of last October and she has been amazing! Everyday we constantly say how lucky we are because she is such a good kitten. Her favorite activities are sleeping, cuddling up right next to us, and fetching her toys! And she has recently found her voice. She greets us at the door, and meows; excited for our homecoming. We sit on the couch while she sits in her cat tree and have daily conversations with her. We are so lucky that WestCoast Dog and Cat Rescue found this precious kitten <3 Thank you!
Cheers, Lainey, Ron and Lilybel.

 Michelle and Bandi

Both kittens are doing well, as you can see from the above photo (they have taken over the dog’s mattress).  My kids love them and the puppy is completely infatuated, although the feelings are not quite reciprocated yet


Yuki (Daisy)

My boyfriend and I adopted a kitten (original name was Daisy) about 5 months ago. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. She makes us so happy! We named her Yuki which means ‘snow’ in Japanese because she is completely white. She is loves to play and loves attention. I will post some pictures of what she looks like (almost) fully grown ūüôā

Karina and Jarod



It’s almost been a year since we adopted this guy! Spence (formerly known as Tigger) is doing great! We love him lots!



This is Carl (formerly known as Zachary). We brought him home just a few days ago and he is fitting in great! Making new friends and exploring every inch of the house. He even watched Mariota on tv at the combine this morning. Loving my new companion. Ashlee


Zoe (Gloria)

We adopted a black kitten “Gloria” on December 21 from the Coburg Road PetSmart. She was trapped October 26 from a feral colony. I wanted to send a big thank you to her foster family. “Gloria” renamed Zoe has been a wonderful additon to our family. It was obvious from the beginning that she received a lot of care and attention from her foster family. She’s incredibly active, very sweet and loves people. At first, our older cat Abby was not overjoyed with the new addition. But Zoe has been persistent and Abby has now learned to tolerate and even to play with Zoe. A big thanks to WCDC and all of the volunteers who foster animals, take care of them at PetSmart and help with adoption paperwork.¬†Rachele

WCDC is a New Network Partner with Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is an internationally-acclaimed animal welfare organization with central operations based in Kanab, Utah. We share their belief that collaborating with local pet shelters and animal rescue organizations in our community is key to end the killing in America’s shelters. When we work together, we save more lives. Together, we will Save Them All.

Earlier this year, WCDC was successful in applying for and being approved to join Best Friends‚Äô No More Homeless Pets¬ģ Network. This network is comprised of 501(c)(3) public charity rescue groups (like us), spay/neuter organizations and shelters actively saving lives and reducing shelter deaths locally. Being a part of the Network gives groups all across the country the chance to work together to Save Them All and provides help for animal shelters and rescue groups. Membership also comes with benefits like the chance to take part in national adoption promotions, as well as discounts and scholarships to educational conferences, and consultations with Best Friends staff.

WCDC is now pleased to be included among the current 1,158 network partners across the U.S. and beyond. See the WCDC Listing on Best Friends’ website as a Network Partner or learn about the requirements to become a network partner.

Past WCDC president Kate Tryhorn did the heavy lifting to complete the application and researched support documents to confirm our status as a 501(c)(3) public charity animal-related organization in good standing with GuideStar’s Charity Check. Also, WCDC met the requirement to demonstrate our commitment to No More Homeless Pets through our mission statement, stated strategic goals and our public-facing information online.

The energy, skill and talent of the staff and volunteers at Best Friends is contagious! Working with them and seeing what they‚Äôve accomplished gives me renewed energy that we are part of something great that can make a difference in the world, one cat at a time. ‚Äď Lyllian Brietenstein, WCDC volunteer liaison with Best Friends

We now have access to all kinds of educational webinars and Lyllian can share links on subjects of interest to broaden our knowledge base. Our Best Friends coordinator is also helping us promote our special needs cats and is putting us in touch with other groups that are actually in need of adoptable cats.

If you’d like to help us build on our successful programs and grant applications through our new partnership with Best Friends, please send us an email through our website. We can always use talented volunteers to help us Save Them All.

By Aven Wright-McIntosh