Volunteer of the Month – Jan

Debi McNamara is our Volunteer of the Month for January 2017 for her continued dedication and ongoing commitment to care for our feline friends. Since 2007 Debi has rescued strays and ferals all around her Oakridge community. She also works full time for the Lowell School District as their Business Office Manager. There’s really never been a time Debi hasn’t had at least one homeless cat in her care in varying stages of health, socialization and adoption. Over the past year alone, Debi has partnered with other volunteers and WCDC to reclaim the lives of nearly a hundred stray cats in the Oakridge community. Slowly, with great care, patience, time and money, nearly sixty of them have been restored to health and found happy families through our adoption center partnerships with Petsmart and Petco. Debi traps, coordinates medical care with veterinarians, transports, administers medications, and so much more. Those who know Debi marvel at her stamina and determination to truly Save Them All. Congratulations Debi and thank you for the difference you are making for these felines, our all-volunteer group and our community.