Volunteer of the Month – June

Roxanne Jensen assists our cat rescue efforts behind the scenes all the way from Spotsylvania, Virginia(!). Roxanne works with our online cattery scheduling system (SignUpGenius) and our volunteer database to determine how many hours volunteers contribute each month. She pulls three different reports for the adoption center partner volunteers (Petsmart on Chad Drive, Petsmart on Willamette and Petco at Valley River). “I use what they signed up for and what they say in the comment section to determine their total time. Then I use a report in the new database to give the active fosters their volunteer hours.” To catch many other volunteers who work outside the adoption centers (transport, medical coordination, etc., etc.) Roxanne sends a monthly email to ask them for their time. These volunteer hours are used when applying for grants and donations and help us estimate what it actually takes to run our all-volunteer cat rescue group. “I volunteer because I love animals. If I could take them all home I would. I stay with WCDC because I started there and you have made it so easy to stay and help out.” Thank you Roxanne! Roxanne has been an active volunteer since 2015.