The Kittens are here!

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How many cats can we help with $10,000? Plenty!

First things first – Thank You for your generous support! With your help as a fosters, volunteers, adopters and donors you’ve enabled us to provide a safe haven for tiny, sick, injured and frightened cats like Maggie Mae so they can grow, heal, learn to trust people again and thrive. We couldn’t do it without you.

In 2016 alone, our biggest year yet, with your help we:

  • Rescued 708 abandoned cats
  • Spayed/neutered 412 cats
  • Found forever homes for 586 cats

All this with an all-volunteer-all-the-time work force and no public funding – Wow!

So . . . why I am I writing? It’s Spring! That means we’ll soon be busier than a kitten with five laser toys, running to keep up. It’s also time for our Spring Fundraising Drive: it takes money to feed and care for all those hungry kittens! I hope you’ll continue to support our mission to provide care and find loving homes for cats in our community.

This year we need to raise $132,750. Here’s how we plan to spend it:

  • $101,000 (76%) just on medical care
  • 90% of our bills are for program costs like veterinary care, food/supplies to our fosters, a community medical fund for cats in need, a new TNR (trap, neuter and return) effort, supplies needed to facilitate adoptions and our new ringworm treatment program
  • All our funds come from grants, adoptions fees, and private donors like you

Help us reach our $10,000 Spring Fundraising goal to save neglected and abandoned cats and find them permanent, loving homes. Please click here to make a Donation.

With my sincere thanks on behalf of the kittens,




Louanne Koch

Board President (and a volunteer too!)