Spring into Summer Fundraising

Matching Funds available


Grayson here. Don’t be mad at me for emailing you again but I have some exciting news. I was texting my friend Rob (yes I added texting to my tech repertoire) and he let me know that some very generous donors have decided to put it all on the line and offer to Match, 1 for 1, up to $4,000 !

So if you donate $500 it will be like you donated $1,000! And if all of you come up with $4,000 the full match will take effect and we will meet our $20,000 fundraising goal for this campaign.

I offered to throw in the quarter that I play floor hockey with, but Rob suggested I keep the quarter for its entertainment value.

Do you know what $20,000 will do for all my fellow CRAN kittens and cats?
– Spays or neuters, vaccinations, microchips and medical care for all my new kitten friends, before they go to their new forever homes
– Spays or neuters, and vaccinations, for their wild cousins who will become working cats or live in feral colonies
– Medical care for the abandoned, sick and injured cats
– Food and supplies for our cats in foster care

Doesn’t that just make you feel good? Makes me feel good too, to know you care.

CRAN is an all-volunteer, foster based and privately funded rescue group, so it’s up to you to keep us in food, supplies and medicine. Head to our website now and click on the link https://donate.catrescues.org/4TheCats to Donate or go to the Forms page http://catrescues.org/forms and fill out a volunteer or a foster application.

Thank you,

/meow Grayson