October – 2016 – Volunteer of the Month – Mary Sooh

mary_sooh1Mary Sooh

Mary Sooh is the current President of the Board of Directors of West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue. She brings years of experience as an educator, amongst other things, to the work she tirelessly does for our group. She puts in many hours each week, but is always modest about her accomplishments.A short list of the duties she performs includes organizing and leading the Board meeting each month, interfacing with West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue lawyers, writing grants, fund raising, writing the Donor Newsletter and the Volunteer Newsletter, rewriting by-laws and Board manuals, participating in events, contacting the press, and engaging the community with our important mission. She is an email correspondent extraordinaire, writing, coordinating and responding to numerous emails about our work each and every day! Without her dedication, many things just wouldn’t happen!

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