How to Adopt

Thank you for considering adopting an abandoned, homeless cat from us. Our goal is to help you find a companion that suits your household, lifestyle and personality. You should begin by viewing our available homeless companions on this website.

Many of our homeless companions are in one of our community partner adoption centers, while some are in foster homes. If you are in the neighborhood, drop by to view the kittens and cats – they’re always glad to have some company. Each cat has their own story posted on the cage car in addition to the information you’ll find on our website.

Volunteer adoption counselors are generally on-site each weekend from 11:15 a.m.-3:30 p.m. and weekday appointments may be possible with advance notice. Call us at 541-225-4955 (option 1 for adopt) to leave your contact information with request and we’ll arrange to have you meet your potential new furrever friend. You can also email and we’ll send you a detailed email of information.

We reserve the right to approve all adoptions as we are committed to the welfare of the animals in our care as well as meeting your personal needs.

All of the cats in the catteries have had the following care and services which are included in the adoption fee:

  • Spay (female) or neuter  (male)
  • Microchip
  • Cats/kittens are tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS
  • FVRCP (upper respiratory/distemper) vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • De-worming with Drontal (a broad-spectrum prescription wormer that also treats tapeworms)
  • Treated for fleas with Advantage  or Revolution
  • Checked and treated for ear mites if necessary
  • Complimentary cardboard carrier if necessary although we encourage you to invest in a carrier for long term care
  • Free veterinary wellness exam

We provides superb care for the animals in our care and makes a reasonable effort to provide healthy kittens and Cats to adopters. Nevertheless, Cat Rescue & Adoption Network is not responsible for veterinary bills or treatment of an cat after leaving our care.

Kittens (0 to 6 months) $130.00
Two Kittens (adopted same day) $245.00
Young Cats (6+ months to 3 years) $100.00
Two Young Cats (adopted same day) $190.00
Adult Cats (3+ to 10 years)   $75.00
Two Adult Cats (adopted same day) $130.00
Senior or Special Needs Cat (10+ years)   $60.00

Adoption fees for individual cats can sometimes vary.

Bonded Pairs
Occasionally we receive cats who arrive together and are bonded to each other. In these cases, we may designate the cats as a bonded pair, and we will try to adopt them together. The adoption fee may be lower in these cases, in the interest of finding the cats a loving home. If they have not been adopted together after a lengthy period of time, they may be allowed to be adopted separately.

What do I need to do to adopt a cat?
1. Complete and submit an Cat Adoption Application-Contract available online on our Forms Page and at any adoption location.
Please note: If you are a renter, approval from your Landlord will be required in written form submitted with your application. We do not normally adopt to students.The transient realities of a student’s life too often results in the return of the cat or abandonment when it’s time for the student to return home or launch into their next life.
2. Our volunteer adoption coordinator will contact you for a telephone interview.
3. An appointment will be made with a volunteer adoption counselor onsite at the cattery.
4. Complete additional paperwork to finalize the adoption (microchip registration, adoption location release forms, etc.) and carefully review medical history and tips to introduce your new friend to your home and inhabitants.
5. Full payment is made by cash, check or credit/debit card.
6. While the paperwork packet is processed, you are welcome to do any necessary shopping for your new family member such as food/food dishes, comfy bed, toys, litterbox/litter, carrier and scratching post.
7. Your adoption folder is presented which includes your new friend’s medical record, microchip registration, adoption application and contract, release papers, overview information and a coupon book (if adoption from  Petsmart locations).
8. If agreeable, a photo is taken and posted on our Facebook page to share the joyful news of your adoption
9. Your new friend is carefully placed into your carrier (or a cardboard one we can provide if necessary) and off you go to begin your life together.

Thank you for adopting a rescued animal from Cat Rescue & Adoption Network.

If, for any reason, you can no longer keep your promise to be a forever guardian for your cat, please contact us before you act. We would prefer to take the cat back into our program.