Volunteer of the Month – February

Dave Dorrance has been a dedicated, dependable volunteer for WCDC for two years (and counting). In fact, it was exactly two years ago today, March 24, that Dave completed orientation/training as a socializer in the adoption center inside Petsmart on Chad Drive in Eugene. The kitties there look forward to greeting him Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:00-4:00pm where Dave gives them lots of fun toy time and snuggles.He fills visitors in on the adoption process and loves to share the unique history of each rescued kitty to find just the right fit. 30

Volunteer of the Month – Jan

Debi McNamara is our Volunteer of the Month for January 2017 for her continued dedication and ongoing commitment to care for our feline friends. Since 2007 Debi has rescued strays and ferals all around her Oakridge community. She also works full time for the Lowell School District as their Business Office Manager. There’s really never been a time Debi hasn’t had at least one homeless cat in her care in varying stages of health, socialization and adoption. Over the past year alone, Debi has partnered with other volunteers and WCDC to reclaim the lives of nearly a hundred stray cats in the Oakridge community. 30

Volunteer of the Month-December

gregandkimKim Chapman and Greg Pope

The dynamic duo of Kim Chapman and Greg Pope have been a tremendous force in furthering the success of West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue since they joined in the fun of WCDC over a year ago. Always eager to help wherever needed, they have fostered, transported, adopted, cleaned cages, taken photos with Santa, made bedding and jewelry for sale and donation, participated in promotions and contributed countless hours and love for the tender furry souls in their care. 30

Volunteer of the Month – November – Charlie Chang

charlieCharlie Chang has supported our location at Petco near Valley River Center for at least two years. He is very loyal and dependable and shows up even if a kitty is getting adopted on or near his shift, just to help and clean. He is always responsive and dedicated. It’s volunteers like Charlie who make WCDC’s mission possible, keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes to ensure every cat is loved and cared for.Thank you so much, Charlie! Here he is cuddling a scared kitty at Petco. More volunteers like Charlie are needed at Petco. For  information, please contact Allison at

October – 2016 – Volunteer of the Month – Mary Sooh

mary_sooh1Mary Sooh

Mary Sooh is the current President of the Board of Directors of West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue. She brings years of experience as an educator, amongst other things, to the work she tirelessly does for our group. She puts in many hours each week, but is always modest about her accomplishments.A short list of the duties she performs includes organizing and leading the Board meeting each month, interfacing with West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue lawyers, writing grants, fund raising, writing the Donor Newsletter and the Volunteer Newsletter, 30

Sept. 2016 – Volunteer of the Month – Dune Erickson Hyatt

dune2Like many who volunteer with West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue, Dune Erickson Hyatt has been rescuing and rehoming kitties on her own for many years. She’s volunteered with other organizations too, and we are fortunate indeed to now have her helping our cats and kittens.

Dune is able to work with and tame some of our shyest, skittery-est, nearly-feral kittens. She is one of the few fosters that will take on and bring around the older, unsocialized kittens for us. She lavishes them with love, spends countless hours teaching them to trust human touch and human care to make them adoptable. Her patience and skill are amazing.

In her non-cat-rescue life, Dune is also a huge dog lover, outdoor enthusiast, supporter of women’s athletics, and artist specializing in graphic design. Her lovely coloring books, cards, and other products are available through Dē Design.


August 2016 – Volunteer of the Month – Kate Tryhorn


Kate is a founding member of West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue. She is one of those people who saw a need, and stepped up to fill it.

She served as President of the WCDC Board from 2007 until 2015.
And following her retirement from the board (when not riding her horse), Kate is still working with WCDC to organize adoption events, set up a cat condo for a new foster, explain the medical needs of our rescued kitties to a newly-partnered veterinarian, rescue kittens from someone’s yard, offer counsel and advice to a confused volunteer, work at our fundraising events, foster adventurous kittens or elderly cats, and so much more.

July 2016 – Volunteer of the Month – Leslie Earl

LeslieEarlLeslie Earl

We are happy to announce that Leslie Earl is our Volunteer of the the Month for July. Congratulations Leslie! Leslie is quite simply a wonderful team player and avid animal advocate! We are so very lucky to have her on team & in our village! From finding helpful items at area garage sales, playing with the kitties and promoting our cats over and above the call of duty with consistent postings on Facebook and elsewhere. She dedicates a lot of time to South in socialization but also fills in at North. All of this and a key person working with the adoption team in doing data entry so our kitties end up on PetFinder. Thank you Leslie, from all of us at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue.

First Annual CATinental Breakfast – July 16, 2016

Saturday, July 16th, 10:00am to 11:30am, Alton Baker Park, Shelter 2, West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue will celebrate our Volunteers.

We will provide Pastries, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Fruit and Fun!!  Come with your smile and your imagination.

Please RSVP by clicking on this link. (old event so link is disconnected)

June 2016 – Volunteer of the Month – Sarah Nyburg

Sarah Nyburg


Sarah has been an amazing addition to the Surrender Team. Most people don’t realize there is a Surrender Team or how difficult it is to be on. Surrender requests are never-ending and always sad. Sarah is the first point of contact to people needing assistance. No matter what the circumstance, Sarah always responds in a timely and professional manner providing people in crisis much needed support and resources and showing them how much she and West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue care about them and their pets. She keeps our data up to date and really is the backbone of our team. We appreciate her so much and we are very fortunate to have her.